Vegan clothes are here! Open your wardrobe doors to ethical fashion

Online store will change the way you shop

We’re all pretty clued up on plant-based food and dairy alternatives, but what about vegan clothes?!

Sure, we’re familiar with real fur vs faux fur, though did you know materials like mohair, silk, and suede come from animals too?

All of this is before we even look at how fast-fashion pollutes the earth, with discarded clothes ending up on landfills and fabric dyes finding their way into the oceans to harm marine life.

[Credit: Velvety]

On a quest to prove that a flair for style can be matched with a fair and responsible outlook, Ms Lorena Estelle has stepped up to the plate.

Creating her own beautiful clothing store of sustainable and ethically made products, it’s adios Vivienne Westwood and hello Velvety.

While Lorena might describe herself a little more humbly, calling her new venture “an online store founded and managed by a vegan mum that loves to spend time with her dog Ollie, her special little son with autism and her wonderful partner in life”, she truly is a rising star.

Her sole mission is to pave the way for a better world, by moving away from chasing trends and towards cruelty-free items.

[Credit: Velvety]

Speaking about her goals, the entrepreneur said that being vegan herself made her aware of what goes on behind the meat and fast-fashion industries and she could no longer ignore it.  

Lorena said: “I knew I had to do something to create change, help animals, help workers and show customers the truth by creating a movement, a store, a solution.

“All our brands are committed to Fair Trade working practices. We choose from a carefully curated selection of ethically-made products.

“We only stock products and garments that are vegan and cruelty-free.”

[Credit: Velvety]

While the collection may sound niche, don’t be fooled, there is plenty of choice including gorgeous frocks, comfy yoga pants, organic sports bras, and cowboy boots.

You can even find bridesmaid and cocktail dresses for any upcoming weddings, or loungewear for those cosy nights in.

If your wardrobe is fit to burst, or you’re WFH in the pandemic aftermath and living in pyjamas, you can still treat yourself with some accessories, such as one of their handmade eco soy candles.

Or perhaps a vegan laptop bag, notebook, or face mask is more up your street?!

Whatever you select, you can be safe in the knowledge that all packaging is made from biodegradable materials, mainly corn starch and cassava roots, which breaks down within 90 days.

For some retail therapy, click here: Velvety.

[Credit: Velvety]


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