Protect your kids with The Safety Box and awaken their potential

Helping young people tackle gang pressure and knife culture

Without a manual on how to keep young people safe, it’s not an easy task.

So, often we send policemen or ex drug addicts into schools to share gory stories and photos about what will happen if kids wander off the straight and narrow.

Yet scaremongering does not work! Teen brains are wired to take more risks than their elders as a survival tool to help them graduate from adolescence to adulthood.

This is why school programmes that just raise awareness will fail, with students needing real, tangible advice instead about the world outside the school walls.

[Credit: The Safety Box]

Rising to that challenge is The Safety Box, a community interest company that teach simple but effective tactics to reduce violence and help future generations avoid threat.

They do this with cleverly-crafted workshops, merging stories from real people alongside holistic life skills to encourage kids to change behaviour traits and negative mindsets.

By exploring a variety of topics – such as communication, financial literacy, and conflict resolution – they also hope to dissuade youngsters from carrying weapons such as knives.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, team member Simon Ham told us why they are motivated to open doors to young people and lead the way to a brighter future full of hope.

[Credit: The Safety Box]

Simon said: “The Safety Box was founded 15 years ago, by Nathaniel Peat, and has since moved from strength-to-strength delivering programmes to not only those in prison and youth at risk but also their parents, caregivers, and professionals working alongside them.

“With an endless knowledge of working within the custodial and community setting, we have helped thousands of troubled youth and young adults too, as well as delivering early intervention strategies to schools and local authorities who are concerned.”

He continued: “Our mission is to awaken the potential and purpose of young people so that they can achieve and be inspired, but above all, to keep them safe.”

So far, the impact has been mind-blowing, with one of their courses run through Cookham Wood Youth Offending Institution in Rochester, Kent, seeing a 95% drop in group violence.  

[Credit: The Safety Box]

The Safety Box also pride themselves in tackling anger management, with two-thirds of participants saying they can cope better after intervention.

Simon said their ultimate goal is to “make young people feel powerful”.

Their work is only just beginning though, as they look to expand internationally and have an impact on communities all over the world, with one project already completed in Jamaica.

They are also offering their licensing to other organisations, through teaching and development, so more young people can access this vital education.

In their mission statement, the crew state: “Many of our programmes have been developed because there is a growing need to demonstrate to young adults that there are ways to avoid gangs, bullying, harassment, or more serious, violent situations.

“Where avoiding threat is not possible, we show how to manage and control dangerous situations.”

If only these sessions were on the national curriculum!

If you are interested in a youth programme, click here: The Safety Box.

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