The perfect summer festival that vows to re-energise you

Go on a journey of self-discovery at Audio Farm Festival

Most of us will be familiar leaving a festival with a hangover, a dodgy tattoo, or even a new romance. Though what about a new mindset?

That’s what Audio Farm Festival, nestled into the Shropshire countryside, vow to do with their holistic approach to partying.

We’re talking pure escapism from life, with live music and a dedicated healing space against the backdrop of a beautiful lake, all on a classical Georgian estate.

[Credit: Audio Farm Festival]

The lakeside healing space is not your average patch of grass or stone circle. Instead, if you’re tired from dancing or just need to find your zen, you can head here for a pick ‘n’ mix of alternative therapies – from yoga to shamanic journeys to meditation.

There is also entertainment galore from circus performers, cabaret, magic, drag, and drumming jams, not to mention the spectacular fire shows too.

The family-friendly event, described as a haven ‘where chaos and harmony meet’, keeps the secret garden vibe alive with just 2,500 party peeps.

[Credit: Audio Farm Festival]

When you consider Reading Festival is 105,000 capacity and Glastonbury nearly double that with 200,000, you realise just how intimate Audio Farm is.

Taking place from September 2-7, organisers promise you will land in ‘a swirling petri dish of imagination’ that will be ‘a melody for the senses’.

Whether you’re tempted to lair it up with the BFF or attend with the kids, the fifth and final day is an extra special one reserved for a wellbeing boost.

This day is dedicated to helping you unwind and process the festival to ensure you leave the site feeling re-energised and ready for your integration back into reality.

[Credit: Audio Farm Festival]

You’ll also eat like a king (or queen!) with a mouthwatering selection that vows to get your tastebuds dancing too; from full English breakfasts, pizza, sushi, burgers, Indian, Thai, fish and chips, ice-cream, and everything in-between ­– all of which are vegan.

In keeping with their animal-friendly ethos, all festival profits are gifted to Green Paw, a charity dedicated to the welfare of wildlife and environmental conservation.

Speaking about the five-day extravaganza, the hosts say, “the sound systems will provide hypnotic beats, coming together to captivate your mind, body and soul”.

Sounds like a little slice of paradise, tbh.

To make your escape, click here: Audio Farm Festival.

[Credit: Audio Farm Festival]

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