A map of you: How astrology really can influence your path

Maxine Luzia can help you achieve your full potential

Perhaps you know Scorpions are meant to have ‘a sting in their tail’ or Geminis have ‘two different personalities’.

Though did you know that understanding astrology on a personal level can help transform your life, from the job that you have to the relationships you keep?

While your zodiac sign (known as your sun sign) hint to your personality traits, it’s actually your birth chart and human design that really hold the key to success.

Yet delving into these, especially for the first time, may seem like a higher mountain than Everest to climb – and this is why Maxine Luzia is your guiding light.

[Credit: Maxine Luzia]

This astrology extraordinaire can help you detangle your way through the jargon to discover how your birth chart and human design can empower you to create change.

We caught up with Maxine to find out a little more about what she does and why the planets in our solar system are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to healing.

Maxine said: “I found astrology when I was feeling lost. I actually saw a lunar eclipse and found it so beautiful, it inspired me to look up what it signified on a spiritual level.

“This led me to discover astrology at a deeper level, and more specifically to learn about how the planets are always influencing us.”

[Credit: Maxine Luzia]

Maxine quickly became hooked, waking up at 5am daily to read astrology books.

What she learned is that astrology is not just about her sun sign, Taurus, but that she also has a Scorpio Moon and Gemini Rising which reflect her character.

The birth chart, which Maxine likens to “a map of your soul”, is a map of the planetary configurations above you when you were born, by which an astrologer can interpret your chart to help you make sense of your past, present, and future.

By exploring her own map, Maxine credits the process with not only understanding herself more fully, but also trusting herself and making sense of why she’s here.

Now, Maxine gives readings for other people, describing them as a way to “empower you to align with your soul, awaken your intuition, build self-trust and feel inspired”.

She also studies human design, which offers a map of your unique genetic make-up with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.

[Credit: Maxine Luzia]

Maxine said: “The readings gives you a language to better understand yourself. It’s not just about your personality. It goes so much deeper, it is a personal experience.

“You learn about your innate strengths, emotional needs, your soul purpose, and what are you here to evolve into. It really is like a map back home to yourself.”

As well as a deep dive into the self, Maxine can help clients explore ways to best focus their energy and even plan out when to launch a business or move homes.

Her mission is to make the process as empowering as possible, so that people can make sense of their own chart and grasp how it applies to improving their life.

Sounds kinda interesting, right?! But how do you know if it’s for you?

[Credit: Maxine Luzia]

Maxine says astrology is the perfect tool for anyone feeling stuck and it even helped pull her out of her own “stuckness”.

She explained: “Usually, people stumble upon astrology when they are seeking to better understand themselves or make sense of difficult situations in their lives and how to move forward in a more positive direction.

“A reading helps you to ‘course correct’ back onto your sacred path.”

While Maxine is a true believer, that’s not to say she is free from her critics. Yet she says the energy required to convince others about her beliefs is time wasted.

She said: “Astrology isn’t for everyone and that’s perfectly okay. Nothing is for everyone. I really believe we stumble upon spiritual tools like astrology in our own divine timing. And for me, that was when I was seeking healing and self-discovery.

“If you’re feeling the nudge, I’d say dive in and book a reading to experience it for yourself. It’s about experimenting with different tools and seeing what feels good.

“And ultimately, I think the important question is really, is it helpful? Does it help you self-reflect? For me, the answer is absolutely yes.”

If there was one industry she would like to convince, however, it would be education. Maxine is a big advocate for using astrology to help parents understand their kids.

Maxine concluded: “I taught children prior to becoming an astrologer full-time. Time and time again, I’d see how misunderstood they could be. For this reason, I love giving readings for parents to better understand their child’s inner world.

“It gives such helpful insights, such as a glimpse of what the child needs to feel nurtured, the child’s unique gifts to encourage, words of affirmation to give the child, and what the child is here to actually help teach the parent.

“Each child is so unique, imagine being nurtured the way you needed to be as a child? Being totally understood? Being appreciated for exactly who you are? So powerful.”

To book a reading, click here: Maxine Luzia.


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