The bridge between Earth and extraterrestrial activity is here

Paul Anthony Wallis helps separate fact from fiction

It would be wonderful to understand life on other planets or out-of-body experiences with clarity.

Yet with the fear of what others will think of us, often people stay silent about these beliefs or encounters.

This is where Paul Anthony Wallis is beacon of light, a human bridge between Earth and extraterrestrial activity to help decipher fact from fiction.

[Credit: Paul Anthony Wallis]

While his background is rooted in faith working as a community church doctor, he has since spread his wings to explore mysticism and spiritual traditions too.

In particular, he holds a magnifying glass to the world of mythology and ancestral narratives for insights into human origins.

“My aim really is to provide a gateway for people who are ready to explore but want to keep their feet on the ground as they venture into new territory.”

Paul Anthony Wallis

By venturing down these unexplored roads, Paul hopes to unearth humanity’s potential and be a voice for people who have out-of-the-box experiences.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Paul told us about his journey and how he leapt from Christianity into the paleocontact sphere, where the idea is held that our ancestors may’ve been shaped by contact with other civilisations in the deep past.

[Credit: Paul Anthony Wallis]

Paul said: “I love sharing these areas of exploration, and the comments and members sections of my channel have created a space where I can do that.

“My aim is to provide a gateway for people who are ready to explore but want to keep their feet on the ground as they venture into new territory.”

On Paul’s channel, ­you will find videos and documentaries covering a diverse range of topics from breathwork to ghosts to telepathy – all with the hope that we can learn to be more conscious and awake for a better human experience.

Since launch in 2019, the response has been incredible, with Paul amassing millions of clicks from people who are looking for someone to walk them through the reorientation and reframing in the aftermath of their ET encounters.

[Credit: Paul Anthony Wallis]

Paul said: “I hear from people of faith who are reframing their worldview in light of things they have discovered. I hear from veterans too whose understanding of our world, our history, and our place in the cosmos, has been blown out of the water by what they have learned through their engagement in the theatres of war.”

Consequently, he does a lot of personal one-to-one coaching and it’s here that Paul’s current research twinned with his background as a pastor really come together.

He explained: “When you experience a paradigm shift, it creates an amazing inner appetite for learning and an excitement when you connect with others exploring. For me, part of the excitement is to begin to get in touch with more of our inner potential.

“The way my own worldview has shifted through my research journey has massively expanded my vision of God, the cosmos in which we live, and our potential within it.”

Paul added: “It’s that appetite and curiosity, and a sense of being in good company on the journey, that I want to create for people.”

[Credit: Paul Anthony Wallis]

Paul also hosts a second channel, The 5th Kind TV, alongside Anthony Barrett.

Here, they create content exploring thought-provoking subjects such as world mysteries, ancient aliens, spirituality, metaphysical, and paranormal subjects.

While the world is more open to talk about previously hush-hush topics – especially with recent revelations from French Intelligence, Israeli Intelligence, and the Pentagon’s Senate Intelligence briefings in 2021 where they question UAPs – Paul is often met with surprise that a senior churchman is talking about ETs and contact.

Paul, author of Escaping from Eden and The Scars of Eden, said: “For 33 years, I worked as a church doctor, theological educator and archdeacon for the Anglican Church in Australia. Some people get upset by that. I do take some flak for it.”

He added: “But far more see what I am doing as an invitation to go somewhere they might not have ventured before.

“I am happy to receive different reactions because to be a gateway for others to get into these amazing areas of exploration is something that I find very motivating.”

[Credit: Albert Antony]

While Paul is relatively new to YouTube fame, his first book on spirituality was published thirty years ago back in 1991.

Since then, he has gone from strength-to-strength, connecting with people who have confided in him about traditional initiation ceremonies by their tribal elders.

Paul explained: “In that private context, secrets have been shared which have changed their understanding of the world.

“These initiation traditions, along with other esoteric traditions, have curated an understanding of human origins and human potential which has been often deleted and replaced by the orthodoxies of empire and mainstream religions.”

Encouraging people to think of older narratives driven underground for their survival, Paul references the Gnostic Gospels, buried for centuries in the Nag Hammadi desert to preserve wisdom for future generations and the Mayan story told by the Popol Vuh, buried for 200 years to protect it from the executions.

These are the very reasons that Paul’s voyage is far from over, with plans to pen new titles to his book series as he continues to unearth what knowledge about humanity was buried along with our ancestors’ wisdom of ET contact.

You can also dive headfirst into exploring our alien ancestry with an exciting past contact conference, taking place virtually across August 28 and 29.

This event promises to delve into the wheres, whys, and whats thanks to a glorious line-up of speakers, including the esteemed father and son duo, Steven and Evan Strong.

You will also be treated to psychic Lea Kapiteli and aboriginal elder Aunty Minnie Mace as they strive to answer humankind’s number one question, are we alone?

To grab a ticket to the conference, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.

For more info, click here: Paul Anthony Wallis.


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