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Boy, 3, is so smart he already has IQ to match Einstein

Lawson Lundberg is one of Mensa’s youngest members

You could well be looking at the man who will cure cancer or discover life on other planets one day.

For little Lawson Lundberg has an IQ to match Einstein – and he’s only three-years-old.

The fact he is proving to be so smart at such a young age is not only a miracle in itself but extra special given he spent his first few weeks of life in the intensive care unit.

[Credit: Sara Lundberg]

Having been born prematurely, doctors in his native Portland, Oregon, expected little Lawson would grow up with significant cognitive development delays.

While this was the case for his first two years of life, his mother Sara noticed a dramatic change when Lawson began learning shapes without having to be taught.

Sara said: “Earlier this year, during the ice storm, we were without power for a few days and during that time he learned the names of countries and their capitals.

“It was then that we figured out he had somehow learned phonics [a way of teaching children to read and write] on his own, which blew us away.”

[Credit: Sara Lundberg]

Fast-forward to today, and Lawson knows every flag, country, and capital in the world. Not too shabby when you consider there are 195 countries across the globe.

With his remarkable thirst for knowledge and ability to memorise facts, his parents decided to have his IQ tested to measure his intelligence.

Lawson scored an impressive 151, just a slither away from Albert Einstein’s estimated score which experts predict ranged from 160 to 180.

Speaking to Good News Network, Sara said: “About 21% of the IQ test, he didn’t get any of the questions wrong, so they ran out of questions to ask him.

“Normally, once you get a few wrong they move on, but they weren’t able to move on until they ran out, which is not normal by any means.”

[Credit: Sara Lundberg]

This extraordinary result led to Lawson’s folks signing him up for Mensa, the most reputable high IQ society in the world where a score of 130 is required to join.

Lawson will continue to be tested as he gets older, with the assumption his score will continue to skyrocket. For now, he is excited to be learning about new topic – money.

Mum Sara is keen for him to use his gift to give back to the community and is complementing his skills by teaching him about philanthropy.

She said: “We have talked about the importance of charity. March of Dimes helped us out a lot when Lawson and his twin sister were in the NICU.”

To help fundraise for the organisation, who work to improve the health of mums and babies across the USA, Lawson is painting pictures for strangers who donate on the family’s donation page of the exact shape of the state or country that they live in.

We can’t wait to see how Lawson’s future evolves!

If you would to receive a painting, simply email: saralundberg10@gmail.com

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