Woman cures herself from disease by using food as medicine

Arzu Dogan healed autoimmune disease with lifestyle changes

While the rise of wellness can only be a good thing, sometimes it is tricky to know your mantras from your manifesting and your diet from your detoxes.

Now, you can find them all under one roof thanks to wellbeing whizz Arzu Dogan.

The brainchild of VitalityandMore ­– a hub of organic tips, self-love cues, food wisdom, and mantra magic – she offers advice to help you live the best version of YOU.

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Having healed herself from her own autoimmune disease, Arzu has lived experience of what it takes to make lifestyle shifts so that you can take the reins of your health.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Arzu revealed what happened after she learned that “food is medicine” and how others can rewrite their futures by making changes too.

Arzu said: “After I healed myself, I implemented massive changes, learned about mindfulness, yoga, meditation and how our mind, body and soul is all connected.

“VitalityandMore was then created in 2015, to encourage others to eat and live clean, and learn to ‘be’ more – hence my ‘Live-Eat-Be’ slogan.”

[Credit: VitalityandMore]

On her quest to improve her health, Arzu began exploring plant-based eating and creating sugar-free treats so that she could take control of her wellbeing, from vanilla fig coconut cream vegan cheesecake to blueberry muffins to her homemade hazelnut chocolate.

She was determined that looking after herself did not mean living off salad leaves!

“I want people to ‘wake up’ and know that they are capable of healing themselves too and it all starts in the mind and heart.”

Arzu Dogan, VitalityAndMore founder

In addition to developing culinary skills, Arzu studied the art of mindfulness, affirmations and mantras, all to raise awareness about how they are interrelated to our physiology.

[Credit: VitalityandMore]

Arzu explained: “I began the #MondayMindfulnessMantra movement, sharing mantras and affirmations to give others the opportunity to learn about how a simple pause and reset each day is so beneficial to our health and state of mind.

“I am passionate about sharing my light and love for all things organic, mindfulness, self-love and connection to living a life of purpose and abundance.”

She added: “I am here to empower, with love and kindness, I want people to ‘wake up’ and know that they are capable of healing themselves too and it all starts in the mind and heart.”

To help people kickstart their journey, Arzu is now the proud author of Follow Your Heart.

Her book, which she credits as “kind of like therapy”, shares her journey with each chapter documenting what she’s learned and where she currently is on her personal odyssey. 

[Credit: Arzu Dogan]

True to her word, Arzu is continuing to make changes to better herself, and is now setting her sights on slow living, a lifestyle that encourages a slower approach to everyday life.

Arzu concluded: “My husband and I have purchased a farm and have decided to live our purpose further by growing our own organic food and eventually deliver workshops or create a wellness hub where we can share our journey and offerings to others in the community.

“We hope we can help others who may be struggling to live their life purpose.”

Sounds like a place we’d like to visit one day.

For wellness tips and tricks, click here: VitalityAndMore.

[Credit: VitalityandMore]


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