How to keep bloating at bay with three-week body reset

Bec Miller can help you reclaim your health

‘Gut health’ might not sound like the sexiest lil’ term out there, but it is fast becoming recognised as the number one health area to focus on.

The reason is our gut dictates the rest of our physiological health, so if it’s in good shape then so are we but if it’s not looked after it becomes problematic.

If you also consider your gut communicates with your brain, through nerves and hormones, you begin to see how one area dictates the health of another.

Biology jargon aside, if you’re wondering whether you qualify for Team Poor Gut, you will likely experience bloating, irritable bowels, heartburn, allergies, or skin rashes.

[Credit: Health with Bec]

Understanding what gut health is and whether or not you suffer from it is one thing, but learning how to conquer it is the true hurdle.

This is where Bec Miller pounces into your life, as your gut health pixie.

Having battled chronic digestive issues and a slow thyroid [gland that controls metabolism] over seven long years, she now shares her recovery tips with others.

If you’re reading this worrying you may have to give up your favourite foods to help your bloating concerns and reach maximum wellbeing, then think again.

Bec has two words for you: “Hell NO!”

[Credit: Health with Bec]

She is adamant you can live a healthy life while still having fun and says she can help find alternatives to your favourite treats or simply let you eat the real deal a few times a week.

Speaking about her journey, the clinical nutritionist and founder of Health with Bec revealed why she is so passionate about helping women reconnect with their bodies.

Bec said: “As a healthy young woman, who visited multiple GPs and specialists whilst studying nutrition, it drove me crazy to say the least.

“Nothing was adding up. The dietary ‘norms’ and advice I was given by the ‘professionals’ simply wasn’t working.”

[Credit: Health with Bec]

She continued: “This ignited my passion to study and research even further and finally I was diagnosed by the right functional medicine doctor to find out that I had a multitude of food intolerances, an out-of-whack microbiome and a slow thyroid.

“I was then able to heal myself and figure out a way of eating that kept the foodie side of me happy, my bloating at bay, my energy sustained and my weight stable easily.”

Bec now shares her research with women in similar situations and has developed over 700 meal plans to use alongside her 3 Week Body Reset programme.

This plan adopts a low carb approach with lots of flexibility that suits busy women who have tried it all and are desperate for one last attempt to calm the bloat.

In addition to this, Bec hosts her Body Bites podcast to help people regain confidence and feel more like their true selves again.

Bec added: “I’m confident that these issues are commonly shared amongst women and my unique lifestyle practises have the power to heal them and change their lives.”

To give your gut some lovin’, click here: Health with Bec.

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