The secret to a happy life is… a happy gut! Find out how to get one

Happy Mammoth vow to change your health without you lifting a finger

Gut health is the new mindfulness in terms of its rising popularity in wellbeing circles. But why?

Well, even though your gut is in your belly, it actually acts as a second brain, hosting over 200million neurons and hundreds of billions of bacteria that influence your personality.

If that’s not bizarre enough, then consider both your brains – the one in your gut and the one in your head – are in constant conversation with each other.

They chat to each other because the brain and gut use the same neurotransmitters, which is the language that nerve cells speak.

So, if you’ve ever had a ‘gut feeling’, it’s likely because you subconsciously carry a lot of thoughts and feelings in your gut.

[Credit: Happy Mammoth]

While it’s pretty fascinating, the brain-gut romance is often under threat if it lacks nutrients, which can lead to IBS, autoimmune disease, and even mental or mood disorders.

If these sound familiar, you may’ve worked your way through enough Gaviscon and Rennies to start your own pharmacy, and are wondering what you can do long-term to rectify your troubles.

This is where Happy Mammoth has your back, helping you regain control of your health.

Driven by their own digestive issues, brothers and co-founders Matthew and James Murphy had one goal in mind – to help people heal their body’s ‘control centre’, namely the gut.

And so, alongside their nutrition studies, they kickstarted a company to share their knowledge on just how critical gut health is for daily performance, wellbeing and mental health.

[Credit: Matthew Murphy]

We caught up with Happy Mammoth team member Chelsea Caslow to find out a little more.

Chelsea said: “Happy Mammoth believes that a happy gut is a happy life.

“The mammoth was chosen as a symbol of strength, courage, and wisdom by co-founders Matt and James in 2017 when they began with a single product, Organic Bone Broth.”

She continued: “Our goal remains the same as then, to help people take back control of their health through natural means.”

The broth – which promotes gut healing and vows to enhance mood – is made from the marrow bones of grass-fed, organically raised cattle from small Australian farms.

[Credit: Happy Mammoth]

Bone marrow is packed with collagen, the most abundant protein in your body, and also provides vitamins needed for important bodily processes, including energy production.

Their OG product flew off the shelves that the company soon evolved to create other items, including immunity boosters, sleep aids and detox packages.

Chelsea continued: “We have expanded far beyond bone broth but believe deeply that optimal health starts on the inside.

“We are always looking to innovate and expand, and are beginning to venture into new territories with some exciting product announcements coming soon.”

She added: “We want to make people feel strong, healthy, in control, and supported.”

Matthew, who now runs Happy Mammoth solo, said he strives to help people reconnect with their body, mind and wellbeing without needing to lift a finger to make it happen.

[Credit: Happy Mammoth]

He explained: “Imagine if the best years of your life were right in front of you, not behind you, feeling comfortable in your own body, living life in a deep state of calm and fulfilment, ageing with confidence and spending quality time with your loved ones.

“It may be difficult to imagine now if you’re going through hormonal changes, stress, digestive issues, mood swings, erratic sleeping, weight cycling or accelerated ageing.

“That’s why you need a solution that can easily adapt to your needs and rebalance your entire system from the inside out.”

Happy Mammoth pride themselves on offering breakthrough formulas with zero compromise, meaning scientifically proven natural ingredients only and no chemical funk.

When you consider that your gut is holding the equivalent brain power of a puppy, you can begin to realise just what an incredible ecosystem is living down there.

To raise a smile on your gut, click here: Happy Mammoth.

[Credit: Happy Mammoth]


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