Affordable housing has never looked so good with new ‘agrivillages’

Home sweet home!

Just a few years ago, living off the land was for farmers, retirees, and hippies only.

Fast-forward to today and exploring sustainable ways to protect Mother Nature is something many of us strive for, even if we’re not always so sure of the best way how.

Now, surviving on natural resources has never been easier! And it’s all thanks to agrivillages.

[Credit: InHarmony]

Putting our natural world at the heart of everything, they combine life and work by offering affordable housing combined with land to make a living from.

While that might still sound like a place you’d go to retire, agrivillages strive to attract younger residents so they can take sustainable farming methods into their own hands.

Currently, we are in a state of emergency for change and without urgent action we will continue to see soil degradation, deforestation, and poor distribution of food worldwide.

Not to mention, agriculture is the cause of at least one third of carbon emissions globally making it one of the largest contributors to carbon pollution in the world.

[Credit: InHarmony]

The agrivillages are designed to change this, while also bringing people together as a community where they will collectively produce good food on healthy land.

In a twist on the retirement village concept, these thriving communities are being pitched as regenerative villages, to help future generations support each other and boost biodiversity.

Alongside farming and creating organic produce, planners vow that their agrivillages will offer energy-efficient houses and cottages with access to at least 200 acres of land.

That’s the equivalent of 100 football pitches!

[Credit: Our Food]

In addition to the homes and vast amounts of growing potential on offer, inhabitants will be supported with the processing and marketing of their products grown on the surrounding land with access to local shops, restaurants, markets, bakeries, and butcheries.

They will also be gifted top notch technical advice to help them get their tommies and tatties sprouting as efficiently as possible from the ground.

True to its ethos, the agrivillages will be trailblazers for renewable energy by using solar, wind and biogas [naturally produced from decomposed organic matter] installations.

[Credit: Our Food]

They will also enable residents to work from home in a wide range of occupations, avoiding the need to commute.

As well as being super convenient in eliminating the stress of late trains or busy ones where you can’t get a seat, it’s seriously environmentally friendly too given that transport is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

With plans to launch the first agrivillage in Millom, Cumbria, already underway, it looks like the future is here and you could be moving in sooner than you think.

The village – which boasts indoor and outdoor natural swimming pools ­– is set to be built like an Italian hill town by the creators of the London Olympics 2012.

To check it out, click here: Agrivillages.


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