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Fountain of youth: Woman, 79, reveals secrets to staying young

Annette Larkins says raw food is key to health

Even if you’re cool as a cucumber when it comes to ageing, there’s still a little niggle at the back of the mind each time a birthday comes around.

However, Annette Larkins don’t give a shiz.

This 79-year-old hails herself as the ‘ageless woman’, thanks to her devotion to living the good life all without compromise.

[Credit: Annette Larkins]

She does this by focusing her attentions on physical health as a tool to help her have a better quality of life rather than quantity.

Annette is not shy about sharing her tactics, using books and her DVD series Raw Kitchen to show people that healthy living does not mean depriving yourself.

As the series title suggests, she is a huge advocate of raw foods – aka, the royalty of nutrition –and promotes fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds in abundance.

[Credit: Annette Larkins]

While many of us are aware that Mother Nature’s offerings gift plenty of vitamins, less is known about raw food’s power to improve health.

Just by following Annette’s programme, she says she can help you lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and a host of nasties that come with old age.

Crediting Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, as her muse, Annette says she lives her life by his motto, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

As well as boosting her wellbeing, Annette’s love affair with raw cuisine offers a few aesthetic perks too , namely looking much younger than her years.

[Credit: Annette Larkins]

Annette said: “There are times when people think I’m my husband’s daughter or my son’s girlfriend, wife or sister, those are the kinds of comments I usually receive.”

Asked why she is so keen to spread her wisdom, Annette added: “I have always been passionate about motivating individuals to make changes that will enrich their lives and helping them to discover the power within themselves.”

As they say, genetics load the gun but it’s up to the person to pull the trigger.

To roll back the years, click here: Annette Larkins.


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