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Meet your new favourite man! Why John Butler is the king of zen

Bringing spirituality to the YouTube generation

In a world of influencers, everyday heroes often look like Hollywood stars with whiter than white teeth, designer wardrobes, and tans from their multitude of luxurious getaways.

 Today, we’re introducing you to an influencer of a different variety.

Meet John Butler, the king of zen who brings spirituality to the YouTube generation with his ‘keep calm and carry on’ channel, Spiritual Unfoldment.

[Credit: John Butler]

With his white beard, impressive ‘tache, and grandad age, he might not be your typical role model, though his meditations and thoughts on faith are racking up millions of views.

“Feel your feet on the ground – listen and look.”

John Butler

While John may only be hitting your radar now, he actually first shot to fame in the 1970s as one of the first ever organic farmers.

Besides farming, he is a meditation enthusiast with over 50 years of practice that he now shares to his 200k-strong online army through a variety of videos. 

[Credit: John Butler]

As a taster of what you mind find, he has episodes entitled Dare to Be Free, Accepting Humility, and Why Are Some of Us So Unhappy?

Speaking about why he feels qualified to talk about mysticism, John said: “Who am I but just one more of those who, since time began, have walked the hills and gazed upon the stars?

“When we, with heart outstretched, feel close to God, it’s safer to be humble than to think we know. Experience, however, is given to be shared.”

[Credit: John Butler]

While John was brought up with Christianity, he follows no particular teaching and refers to himself as ‘Mr Nothing’, speaking entirely from his own experience rather than preaching.

Despite his array of online content, John gives humble yet effective advice with his primary belief to simply ‘feel your feet on the ground – listen and look’.

Sounds like a good place to start…

To de-frazzle you mind, click here: John Butler.

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