Life-changing coffee that helps people with each sip you take

Change Please sell caffeine fixes to fight homelessness

There are few good things as great as chugging on a coffee, served exactly as you like it.

That is, apart from a caffeine fix that also comes with a healthy dollop of philanthropy.

The incredible team at Change Please do exactly this, twinning brilliant brews with helping humanity by donating all of their profits to those in need.

[Credit: Change Please]

The social enterprise pride themselves not only on serving espresso shots but giving people a fresh shot at life too, whether they are struggling with homelessness, a job, or housing.

But, they need your help.

All you need to do, is buy a cuppa or a blend and you will be changing someone’s life for the better by helping them to get back into employment and find a home of their own.

Speaking about their mission, the Change Please crew said they strive to tackle our homelessness crisis “by serving you and your community with simple win-win solutions”.

[Credit: Change Please]

They state: “We make two simple commitments to you – first, our coffee tastes amazing.

“Second, we keep our profits in the business and use them to support people experiencing homelessness. 100% of the profits we make from selling our coffee help us provide people experiencing homelessness with a living wage, housing, training and onward opportunities.”

The beverage heroes also have an academy for trainees where they teach every aspect of coffee-making, from beans and roasting through to latte art and customer service, with their aim to equip people with the skills needed to start a new career and have financial security.

[Credit: Change Please]

To get your hands on the cappuccino of your dreams, you can visit one of the stores dotted around London ­– namely, Borough Market, Elephant Park, Here East, or Canary Wharf.

If you don’t live in the city, no drama!

Their online collection offers you the chance to knock-back items from the comfort of your own home, with quirky named beans including Smooth Operator, Tall, Dark & Handsome and Bold Soul.

We’ll drink to that.

To grab your stash, click here: Change Please.


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