Proof of creatures from other worlds? Giants unearthed in cave paintings

Artwork points to extraterrestrial activity

Whether you’re a believer in life on other planets or not, we all hope for evidence to prove us right or wrong so we have a broader understanding of the universe.

Now, it looks like that evidence has arrived.

In what is believed to be the oldest documentation of creatures from other worlds, giants have been recorded on ancient cave paintings.

The incredible artwork discovered in Tassili n’Ajjer – an area in south-eastern Algeria at the borders of Libya, Niger, and Mali – appear to depict figures that are not human.

[Credit: Nexus]

In today’s world, this could be explained away as imagination and artistic licence.

However, at the time they were sketched, scholars claim that ancient civilisation would not have had the ability to imagine such art and only depicted scenes that mirrored their life instead.

For this reason, cave paintings have become an invaluable resource in understanding how our ancestors lived, including childbirth, family life, and religious rites of passage.

Some of these new findings near the Sahara Desert, which date back 15,000 years, do indeed point to humans carrying out regular daily activities such as hunting, swimming, and farming.

[Credit: Nexus]

Yet alongside these, giants also appear as well as one image appearing to portray an extraterrestrial pursuing a person towards an oval object, comparable to a small spaceship.

Experts believe these illustrations show creatures from other worlds visiting Earth; in particular the fact creatures are drawn with enormous heads and excessively large limbs, as well as images that portray life forms in helmets and diving suits, similar to current astronauts.

Our friends over at alternative news magazine Nexus report that some specialists who have visited the site believe that the early painters witnessed something unusual and left pictorial proof of it, with the huge round head creatures now known as ‘Tassili’s gods of unknown origin’.

With global organisations supporting more research into ET activity, namely NASA, we can only hope more findings are unearthed to help us understand if we share this world with others.

[Credit: Nexus]

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