Your wellbeing made easy with this personal growth tool

Why you need Handbook for Today in your life

The number one tip from therapists and wellness gurus alike is to jot your feelings down so that you can externalise what is going on internally.

Yet putting pen to paper to splurge your inner most thoughts is easier said than done; where do you start, what do you say, how do you say it?

Well, Prince Charming has arrived, only this time instead of a glass slipper he’s bringing you the Handbook for Today.

And he is actually a she, named Anna Tomkins.

[Credit: Handbook for Today]

Anna has created a journal that prompts you to write down thoughts, feelings and things that happened in your day so that you are guided rather than thrown in at the deep end.

Her handbook invites you to reflect on the whole spectrum of life, from the things that are going well to the areas that you might want to work on too.

Speaking about her product, Anna describes it as a journal designed to give you a “more positive outlook on your future through gratitude and mindfulness”.

[Credit: Handbook for Today]

Anna said: “It helps bring clarity around issues you may face and encourages you to tackle those issues, step by step, building more resilience as a result.

“It guides you in changing your life by changing perspective. By focusing on the good you can rewire your brain into positive thinking, no superpowers, money or time needed.”

So, what’s inside?!

[Credit: Handbook for Today]

Once you open the front cover, you will find a variety of tools to help you, beginning with a journaling page to highlight the ups and downs in your life that are on your mind.

There is also a list of positive habits to incorporate into your life, named ‘micro habits’, that promise to increase your overall happiness providing you practice them daily.

Then there is the weekly reflection, a space where you are encouraged to understand where you are at a certain point of time so that you can grow.

[Credit: Handbook for Today]

Anna explained: “The weekly reflection page enables you to assess your current mood, your learnings and the progress you have made so far.”

So, if you’re ready to get a positive mindset, tackle your worries, and achieve personal growth, then this wellbeing journal might just well be your BFF.

To grab your copy, click here: Handbook for Today.

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