Struggle at work? Tackle mental health with incredible wellbeing tool  

Everymind smashes stigma in the workplace

In 2021, we’re pretty wise to the fact that we need to be talking to future generations about their mental health while they’re still in school.

But what about the older generations who didn’t get the chance to talk to their peers and teachers about it, the ones now sitting in offices struggling in silence?

To you, we say listen out for the Everymind klaxon!

This glimmer of hope amongst the darkness is not a therapist or antidepressant, but a wellbeing app for employees to eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental health in the workplace.

[Credit: Everymind]

By offering courses totally free of charge, Everymind strives to normalise the mental health conversation, raise awareness, and provide peer support.

While the brilliant initiative is making waves supporting businesses and HR departments, it was launched after the founder tragically lost his own father to suicide.

Speaking about his journey, Paul McGregor explained how he found the strength to keep his dad’s memory alive with a long-lasting legacy to create change.

[Credit: Paul McGregor]

Paul said: “My life was pretty carefree up until I was 18. I grew up in a loving household, I was pretty academic at school, and I played football nearly every minute I had spare. My life was following a pretty ‘normal’ path, but then my life was turned upside down.

“At 18, my dad who showed no signs of depression or previous struggles with mental health, my dad who had ‘everything’ on paper, attempted suicide.”

Paul continued: “His attempt came as a shock to us all, but he miraculously survived the accident and after a few weeks in hospital physically recovering, he was home. But even though at the time we thought we’d escaped a nightmare, things got worse.

“On March 4, 2009, just six months after his first sign of depression, my dad took his own life.”

[Credit: Everymind]

Now, Paul shares his experiences in a bid to promote early intervention and better support for those who need it, rather than reacting, often too late, once crisis hits.

He added: “I started Everymind and created this course as there still continues to be a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting our mental health. I believe we can all take some responsibility for looking after ourselves and our peers, and that is where you can help.”

By signing up to the app, you’ll get resources aplenty at your fingertips, from a monthly newsletter with ideas to make your workplace a mental health safe space; a free course designed and presented by Paul; and networking opportunities to connect with others.

To get involved, click here: Everymind.

For confidential advice, you can contact the Samaritans website, email jo@samaritans.org, and/or call 116 123 at any time of day or night.

[Credit: Everymind]

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