Quit negative self-talk: Change yourself from inside out with reiki

Healing technique promises to eliminate stress and anxiety

We’ve all been there, lying awake at night questioning whether we’re good enough for our job, our partner, our kids, or even ourselves.

And it can be damn hard to stop that thought process when it feels relentless.

Yet thanks to reiki, pronounced ray-kee, you can take back control and silence negative self-talk that is holding back (or at least keeping you awake at night).

Stefanie Ruth, a reiki teacher, perhaps describes it best when she says the practice “pushes away the darkness and gives us the strength to put ourselves first and focus on healing”.

[Credit: Stefanie Ruth]

With its roots originating from Japan, the alternative medicine is also known as energy healing, whereby the practitioner uses a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing to transfer their energy through the palms to the patient in order to encourage change.

Speaking about her own journey with reiki, Stefanie credits it with transforming her life and overcoming past experiences that she had previously tried to bury inside.

Stefanie said: “I was always the type of person to dim the light on my own happiness. I would allow myself to shine a really bright light on anxiety, unworthiness, and self-doubt.

“I wouldn’t allow myself to sit in feelings of excitement or happiness. Looking back, I’m like, ‘Why? Why was I like that? Why was it always so easy to support others, praise others, give others second chances, and give others the love that I withheld from myself?’”

She added: “For those of you stuck in that same cycle, allow yourself to shine the light on your brightest parts. Dim the light on negative self-talk. Release that old energy. It’s never too late.”

[Credit: Stefanie Ruth]

Sounds pretty powerful, but can a hands-on treatment alone really fix this?

Stefanie says yes, and it’s all thanks to the energy passing from the practitioner to the client and focusing on flow to areas that are in need of healing – whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It is believed that the holistic practice activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blockages which can then trigger healing and significantly reduce stress.

Stefanie said: “Reiki is a type of energy. Everything is made of energy, including our body. Our body is designed to function at its best when our energy is centred and balanced.

“In times of stress, you may feel an imbalance in the form of irritability, anxiety, exhaustion, or simply feeling ‘out of sorts’.”

She explained that if left to accumulate, these feelings could lead to energetic blockages while reiki can assist in removing them to reinstate the body’s natural state of balance.

[Credit: Live and Breathe Reiki]

Despite the process being hands-on, it is not like a massage and instead you will feel more emotional cleansing than physical sensations.

This said, Stefanie says everyone is different and as the energy in your body shifts, some people may feel heat, warmth, or tingling sensations, while others may see colour or images.

Stefanie added: “Healing is hard. It takes bravery. It takes effort. It takes feeling emotions you would rather not feel. It takes facing fears you would rather not face. It takes patience.

“Suppressing things does not heal you. It becomes old junk that just takes up space in your body, mind and heart. We heal when we are ready, and when that old clutter is released, we open up that space and an opportunity to be filled with light and hope.”

Tbh, we could do with a declutter ourselves!

To flood yourself with light and hope, click here: Live and Breathe Reiki.

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