How to stop being a people-pleaser and reclaim your boundaries

Sara Cardinale says you can’t pour from an empty cup

If you say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ or find your diary packed with too many chores because you’ve agreed to help when you don’t have time, you might have people-pleaser syndrome.

Initially, people-pleasing may seem like the nice or virtuous thing to do, but you risk major burnout by running yourself into an unhealthy state and leaving yourself frazzled.

One person who is all too familiar with this, is Sara Cardinale.

Sara says she often struggled to separate her energy from the energy of those around her.

[Credit: Bloom and Manifest]

Yet by taking a step back and recognising that her altruistic DNA belonged to the heart of an empath, she began exploring ways to use her innate kindness in more beneficial ways.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Sara opened up about her journey and what led to her founding self-help blog, Bloom and Manifest.

Sara said: “I had no idea about boundaries and how to use them to reclaim my power. I had no idea that I didn’t have to help other people process their emotions, or that it was an option to not wear the weight of the world on my shoulders.

“I see many empaths playing small and getting caught up on the label ‘empath’, thinking it means they will forever be a victim to the energy around them.”

She continued: “My aim is to transform that and empower empaths to activate their intuitive gifts and higher vision so they can truly enjoy a fully expanded and abundant life.

“Bloom and Manifest is a place where empaths, spiritual seekers, and soulful entrepreneurs can come to feel a sense of community and gain access to teachings their soul needs.”

[Credit: Bloom and Manifest]

Alongside her passion for humanity, Sara also loves tapping into her flair for writing, which she has been nurturing for years during her time as a travel blogger.

Now, she mishmashes her talents together, on a mission to connect women and flood them with self-esteem so they realise their capabilities of following their dreams.

Sara explained: “I want every empath, intuitive, and spiritual woman to feel she has the confidence and the tools to succeed in whatever her heart desires.

“After going through years of spiritual growth and awakening, I decided that I needed to share about my experience and offer guidance to those going through the same thing.”

She added: “I felt a pull to act as a guide for others, I attribute that to being a triple Aries and a projector in human design ­– leadership and guiding others are my thing.”

Human design falls under the astrology umbrella, offering a map of your unique genetic make-up with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.

Within that concept, there are different personality types, including ‘projectors’.

Projectors are able to see into the energy of others and experience people in unique ways, which allows them to be great leaders as they access wisdom from seeing their peers.

[Credit: Bloom and Manifest]

Sara continued: “The response has been incredible. I’ve connected with so many beautiful souls and feel like I have ignited my purpose in life. This is just the beginning.

“I want people to feel inspired, confident and aligned. I also want them to feel understood and like they are not alone.”

In addition to her blog – which is brimming with tips and tricks on manifesting, strengthening, and identity – Sara offers reiki, chakra readings and coaching.

The wellbeing guru has also set her sights on penning a book that she hopes will inspire others to begin their awakening journey and step into their empathic truth.

Sara concluded: “I identify as a healer and it brings me joy to help bring light energy into this world, but the difference is I am now conscious of my power and able to use energetic and physical boundaries to protect myself from doing this unconsciously 24/7.

“When my cup is full, I’m better able to serve others. And that’s what this is about.”

To build your boundaries, click here: Bloom and Manifest.

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