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Blind world hip-hop champion’s moves will take your breath away

Joe Picter is hoping for a life-changing eye operation

Seeing dancers pull off flips and freezes that can rival Olympic gymnasts is enough to leave you wondering, ‘How do they that?’

Yet throw Joe Picter into the mix, and your jaw will truly hit the floor.

For Joe, who just so happens to be a hip-hop world champion, is blind.

[Credit: Joe Picter]

The body-bending athlete is part of the Dark Angels squad, who are flexible geniuses that pogo through the air as if gravity doesn’t exist.

If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the Bristol-based troupe catapulted onto our screens during the second season of The Greatest Dancer, making it through to the final 10.

While the BBC show gave their profile a boost, with Oti Mabuse and Cheryl Cole fangirling them, it was their performance at the World Dance Championships 2019 that really cemented their status as Diversity rivals, taking home gold and silver trophies in the hip-hop categories.

[Credit: Joe Picter]

As a master of his art, it’s easy to get lost in the theatrics and excitement of the tumbling, while not even realising that Joe is partially sighted.

However, the Chippenham lad has such a severe impairment, that he is registered as blind.

Currently, Joe relies on a very costly prescription, yet while competing on The Greatest Dancer he did it without the use of his glasses – and all he could see was blurry colours.

One of his loyal friends is now busy fundraising, taking on a 10km open water swim in a bid raise £10,000 for what could be a life-changing eye operation.

Speaking about the challenge, Joe’s friend Ryan Boyd said: “Joe is a remarkable young man, with a huge career ahead of him and this operation could really change his life.

“To be a part of this and to support such a great, hard-working chap is an honour for me.”

Having kickstarted his hip-hop journey at the tender age of 10, before going on to compete around the world, we have no doubt this is only just the beginning of Joe’s rise to stardom.

For more mind-boggling moves, click here: Joe Picter.

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