Inhale, exhale, breathe and relax… why you really need to start yoga

One Yoga London is your one-stop shop to zen

How often do you say you need a break, then end up doing things for other people or perhaps manage to get that sofa time but still answer emails on your phone?

Well, now is the time to ringfence your ‘me time’ and put you first.

With a little helping hand from One Yoga London, you can do just this as they vow to help you “inhale, exhale, breathe and relax”.

[Credit: One Yoga London]

By inviting you into their beautiful boutique studio in the heart of Hornsey, they promise to transform your scrambled work/life brain into one of peace and serenity.

Sounds heavenly.

The team do this through a variety of classes – including Pilates, Yoga Flow and Restorative Yoga – that look after your mind as well as your body.

[Credit: One Yoga London]

They also offer a meditative candlelit class that helps access deeper tissues by holding poses for longer and relaxing into them, which is the perfect practice for a good night’s sleep.

If it seems tempting but you don’t know your Rooster from your Warrior or your Lotus from your Tortoise, then don’t worry, total beginners are welcome.

Founded by Belle Amooty and Holly Park back in September 2015, these body-bending beauties strive to help you find the confidence you need to get to know your body.

And having created a charming space, with a focus on community to encourage connection between people, they pledge you will feel supported and nurtured to unwind.

[Credit: One Yoga London]

If you still have the yoga heebie-jeebies, why not try one of the hypnotic meditations?

These deliver the ultimate chillout experience, with 75-minutes of sound gongs, Himalayan bowls and other instruments played to restore balance, harmony and inner peace.

The power of this holistic process is said to be such a force that it has the capability to accelerate healing by clearing the mind as well as shifting physical traumas in the body.

Seems like we could all do with putting a sound bath top of our weekly to-do list.

To find your zen, click here: One Yoga London.


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