Stunning body positivity artist captures female form in all its glory

Introducing the incredible work of Bopo Watercolour

Body positivity has many different faces, whether it’s shaking what your mama gave you, Vogue featuring their first plus-size cover star in 2017, or just knowing you are enough.

But it’s never quite been as beautiful as this…

Please feast your eyes on the stunning artist that is Bopo Watercolour.

[Credit: Bopo Watercolour]

Celebrating curves, diversity, and disabilities, Bopo Watercolour creates fat positive art that captures the female aesthetic in all its glory.  

From bums to bellies to boobs, the gorgeous designs paint women as heroines to be saluted rather than shamed.

Some of our favourites include the silver fox with a prosthetic leg, a black mermaid, and a bald beauty proudly showing off her mastectomy scar.

[Credit: Bopo Watercolour]

Alongside her portraits, Bopo Watercolour points out some quirky facts too. In particular, that mermaids would “almost certainly be fat because the sea is cold and fat is an excellent insulator”.

While little is known about the person behind the craft, Bopo Watercolour said her aim is to show the rainbow of shapes that exist in the world.

Bopo Watercolour said: “I’m all about body positivity and fat acceptance and representing all kinds of bodies. I use art to boost confidence and enable people to love their bodies.”

[Credit: Bopo Watercolour]

As well as smashing stereotypes on Insta, Bopo Watercolour also runs an Etsy shop where she sells her masterpieces as digital prints.

And if you so happen to already be part of the self-love club with all the feels for your own birthday suit, then Bopo Watercolour takes personal commissions.

To snap up some art, click here: Bopo Watercolour.

[Credit: Bopo Watercolour]


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