Ditch self-doubt forever: Find the freedom to become your best self

Alice Carder began helping others after a close call with death

Very often, it is not time, money or resources that hold us back, but our own fear.

We worry whether we will be able to follow our dreams, because, what if we fail?

Yet Alice Carder is here to lift your veil of self-doubt and open your eyes to the oodles of potential you are capable of achieving even if you are struggling with confidence.

[Credit: Alice Carder]

Her work as an empowerment & business coach will not only empower you to become your best self but also guide you through your entrepreneurial flair to develop your own business or brand.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Alice told us about the brush with death that led her to help others and why she feels impassioned to do so.

Alice said: “In my early twenties, I lost my best friend in a travelling accident. I felt as though the meaning in my life had been taken from me overnight and became deeply depressed.

“Then, almost exactly a year later, I was hit by a black cab whilst crossing the road in central London and almost lost my own life.”

She continued: “I woke up in the ambulance laughing, much to the surprise of the paramedics around me. I’d never felt so grateful to be alive and I knew in that moment I was here for a reason.”

[Credit: Alice Carder]

This was the start of Alice’s healing journey that led to her training in transformational coaching and emotional freedom technique, before launching The Self-Evolution Coach.

During her awakening, she left a successful career in TV, immersing herself in the wellbeing world and joining the founding team of Morning Gloryville – the ultimate sober day rave experience.

On this path, Alice began to meet women who had experienced a similar calling to herself to serve others but were held back by self-doubt or gaps in their marketing/business knowledge.

Through her blend of skills and experience, she was determined to help them move through the emotional and practical blocks that were holding them back, so they could “step into their power”.

[Credit: Alice Carder]

Alice explained: “My vision is a world of untamed women on a mission moving through fear, shame, guilt, societal conditioning and anything else in their way of being who they’re really here to be.

“I support them from the inside out, so they feel nourished, safe and empowered to take aligned action and create their version of success in their work and lives.”

She does this by coaching people towards their goals, whether through one-to-one sessions, group programmes, or her annual event aptly named The Awakened Women Rising Retreat.

All of these platforms strive to show others that anything is possible and help women unearth their forgotten power so they can reconnect with their skills and talents.

[Credit: Alice Carder]

Alice – who says she showcased entrepreneurial skills at just seven when she commissioned her little sister to do chalk art in the backyard and charged passers-by 50p to view the ‘art gallery’ – says she is thrilled to have found her ikigai (Japanese for ‘sweet spot’) where her gifts assist others.

She said: “I’m incredibly grateful for the women who choose me as their coach. It’s an honour to accompany them to the depths of their soul as they release all that no longer serves them and fly to the heights of their desires as they call in all they’re here to experience and contribute.”

She had us at ‘flying to the heights of desire’.

To awaken your potential, click here: The Self-Evolution Coach.  


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