Human history as we know it to crumble after handwriting discovery

Three tablets date back to pre ancient Egypt

If you weren’t paying attention during history lessons at school, you need not worry, as it looks like all the textbooks need to be rewritten anyway.

It’s all because of three ancient tablets that have been unearthed in Tartaria, Romania.

The reason they are so significant is because of what is inscribed on them and the fact they are said to date back to 5300BC.

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

The three tablets, known as ‘the Tartaria tablets’, boast symbols that some archaeologists claim represent the earliest known form of writing in the world.

This, coupled with when they are dated, would suggest that an ancient civilisation existed a few millennia before the greatest powers in the world ­– Sumer and Egypt.

Consequently, the entire human chronology accepted by historians might be wrong!

Currently, it is widely agreed that ancient Egypt began circa 3100BCE while the Sumerian civilisation was founded in 4000 BCE with the City of Eridu.

Should experts be correct about the Tartaria tablets, this would mean not only a civilisation existing that we don’t currently know about but also that they were powerful and prosperous enough to have a handwriting in which they could communicate.  

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

The tablets, discovered in 1961 by archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa, are engraved with various symbols with a message that is difficult to decipher but could be Sumerian characters.

However, due to being dated at 5300BC, this suggests they came before Sumer began.

Mysteries Unsolved – who focus on astronomy, human evolution, and other unexplained things around the world – say in this case, the theory that writing originated in Mesopotamia (historical region of Western Asia) by the Sumerians is in fact wrong.

Instead, it would have had to begin in eastern Europe.

They explain: “What appeared to be one of the greatest archaeological discoveries has become a topic of debate and discussion.

“Dating the artefacts would delay the invention of writing by more than a millennium and would also change the birthplace of writing, from Mesopotamia to the Danube basin.

“So, is it possible that a prosperous and powerful civilisation existed a few millennia before the greatest ancient powers in the world: Sumer and Egypt?”

[Credit: Mysteries Unsolved]

To add further mystery into the mix, some of the writings on the tablets are based on Sumerian dialect, for example, the name ‘Saue’ was discovered (which is the equivalent of the god Usmu known in Sumerian culture) – leaving historians baffled.

In fact, baffled is an understatement. Scholars are scratching their heads as if the inhabitants of Tartaria wrote in Sumerian, it was during a time Sumerian was not yet known.

While the tablets remain a mystery, we can only hope further evidence is discovered to deepen our understanding of the era in which they are said to have originated.

Should more discoveries be made, then history as we know it will be blown to smithereens.


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