Achieve physical and mental wellness with yoga that will rejuvenate you

Discover how to detox your body

If you’ve had ‘sign up to a yoga class’ on your to-do list since time began, then now is the day to tick it off.

Your journey to complete physical and mental wellness starts today, thanks to the holistic approach that David Ramcharran – aka The Lost Yoga Boy ­– adopts.

Instead of focusing solely on tricky poses for hours on end or hijacking the process as a fast-track to improve your abs, he uses yoga to rejuvenate you.

[Credit: The Lost Yoga Boy]

David’s sessions promise to pamper you as well as detox the body by releasing a ‘positive energy circulation’, so that you feel balanced and relaxed.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, David revealed he developed a love of the ancient practice before he could even speak and says his passion for it has only grown over time.

David said: “My first memory of yoga is when my father did a headstand and I clambered next to him in my diaper trying to imitate him. For many years, I practiced with my dad who has never attended any studio classes and has had a steady daily self-practice to this day.”

[Credit: The Lost Yoga Boy]

However, it was not until his physiotherapist suggested that he tried hot yoga, after being plagued by injuries from years of competitive running, that David reignited his love affair.

David explained: “After a few years of hot yoga (performed in humid conditions and said to mimic the heat of India where yoga originates) , I yearned for a more spiritual side to the practice.

“In 2012, I was introduced to Dharma yoga, based on a system of classical Hatha-Raja yoga, which is a devotional practice emphasising good health, a clear mind and a kind heart.”

Following this, David found his true connection to the discipline and went on to complete his teacher-training in south India before travelling to New York where he completed further tuition alongside the legendary Sri Dharma Mittra, hailed as a guru of modern yoga.

[Credit: The Lost Yoga Boy]

Fast-forward to 2015 and that’s when David realised his true path, ditching his job in the city to focus on teaching yoga and helping others find the amazing benefits of regular practice.

Now, he delivers a series of different workshops, from in-person events to online classes, so if you’re feeling shy you can have your first stab in PJs while in the comfort of your own home.

David, who has since mastered a vast range of different skills, including meditation and Thai massage, says he is a big believer that yoga is beneficial for all – no matter your age.

He concluded: “The only limitations are the ones we set for ourselves.”

To scribble that ‘try something new’ memo off your list, click here: The Lost Yoga Boy.


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