Taxis with a twist! New eco-friendly cabs give zero emission

Get from A to B completely guilt-free

While there’s nothing more convenient than ordering an Uber and seeing it’ll arrive in two minutes, constant car-hopping does little to protect our planet.

That’s all about to change though, thanks to the ingenious of Veluba.

Veluba are the Greta Thunberg of travel, putting eco-friendly driving at the heart of commuting with their zero-emission cabs.

If you cast your mind back to The Flintstones’ car, otherwise known as The Flintmobile, you might remember seeing Fred Flintstone pedal away as he darted around Bedrock.

This is exactly how family-ran business Veluba have created their vehicles.

[Credit: Veluba]

Kickstarting their venture in London, they now offer a unique way of travelling through the city with the pedal-powered, electrically assisted tricycle cabs, known as E-trikes.

Just as you would order a taxi on your phone, you can book the E-trikes through the Veluba app, safe in the knowledge you are doing your bit for a greener world.

Better yet, they are Covid-safe due to their window-free design and can travel in bus or bicycle lanes meaning you can get to places even black taxis can’t.

They are also very cost effective, with a journey from Waterloo to Bank costing only £8.50.

[Credit: Veluba]

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Amanda and Keith Hamilton, the idea for the business came to Keith back in the noughties when he decided to build himself an electric car.

Strapping solar panels to a VW Golf Citi, Keith recognised this prototype wouldn’t make the cut, but sustainable transport would be a winner.

Pairing that with his and Amanda’s background in IT, they wanted to create a network of digital ad space and played with ideas of electric assisted mobile digital billboards.

[Credit: Veluba]

Many prototypes later…Veluba was born! It incorporated Keith’s passion for sustainable transport whilst delivering a commercial offering to advertisers.

Today, Veluba is proving to be the Big Smoke’s most favoured way to get around while also offering tourist tours to showcase the most iconic landmarks.

To get started, all you need to do is download the app, select your fare, then pay with your chosen card or tap contactless after the journey ­– no cash, no hassle.  

Hop aboard by clicking here: Veluba.

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