Camden Town makeover! London hotspot to throw street festival

Celebrating all things local with music, film, food and fun

Ah, Camden. The OG of dive bars, London’s gig scene and every alternative kid’s mecca.

While it may have seen a few changes over the years, from a grunge to glam hotspot, it remains a hub of creativity that draws residents, tourists, and celebs alike – with Camden and the late Amy Winehouse becoming synonymous with each other in the noughties.

Now, a new street festival is being thrown to celebrate its culture, both old and new.

[Credit: Camden Inspire]

Taking place across September 17 and 18, the extravaganza – coined Camden Inspire – will host a series of activities, workshops, live music, film screenings and performances.

Not to mention, raising an obligatory glass in The Good Mixer or perusing the vintage clothes stalls armed with a bite from one of the incredible street food vendors.

As well as injecting life back into the area after lockdown, organisers hope to encourage visitors to reimagine how we use our high street and public spaces.

[Credit: Camden Inspire]

They also vow to take inspiration from all things local, by providing a platform for people in the borough to celebrate its community of small businesses within the neighbourhood.

Chatting about the upcoming event, the team unleashed their excitement for the two-day party saying it is a goal that’s truly near and dear to them to show off Camden in all its glory.

They said: “Camden has long been a hub of creativity and we’re partnering with some fantastic businesses and creative independents who make it the awesome and exciting place it is.

“We hope to encourage a rethink into how public spaces can be used in the future as we transform Buck Street, closing the road and championing all who make Camden awesome.”

As devout visitors over the years, we’ll take that a compliment then 😉

To get involved, click here: Camden Inspire.

[Credit: Camden Inspire]

1 comment

  1. I’ve been going to Camden Market since the early 2000s and usually go 4 to 5 times a year as I live in Sheffield.
    Can I ask what the effing hell has happened to the horse market?
    There’s a sports direct for f.. Ks sake. There is piped music all around the place its like a shopping mall.
    What’s happened to different music from each stall, vintage stalls selling amazing stuff, interesting people running the stalls.?????
    Its gonna go the same way as Carneby St and just have high St shops soon.
    The entire vibe is being lost.
    Please do something before it’s too late 😭😭😭😭


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