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An oasis away from diet culture: Recipes with zero mention of calories

Sweet tooth meets self-care on Tasting Thyme baking blog

Nutella filled chocolate meringue cupcakes, chocolate fudge cake with whipped ganache frosting, Snickers stuffed cookies… do we have your attention yet?

These mouthwatering creations are courtesy of baking boss, Florence Stanton.

Alongside tasty treats to leave you salivating before even tasting them, Florence also strives to bring body positivity to the kitchen with recipes that focus on feeling good not calorie counting.

Having been on her own rollercoaster with restricting food, she says she now hopes to show others that baking can be a tool towards self-love and rejecting society’s toxic diet culture.

[Credit: Tasting Thyme]

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Florence said: “I started Tasting Thyme last summer during the first lockdown, initially as a space to share my baking creations and some self-care.

“It’s all about delicious recipes with no mention of nutrition.”

Despite having grown up in a household that loved to bake, Florence developed a poor relationship with food while at university and turned her back on her old pastime.

Away from home, she adopted strict food rules alongside an incredibly tough gym regime.

[Credit: Tasting Thyme]

Florence said: “I can be honest now and say I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t know much about nutrition. This restriction really limited me and my life to the point of being unhealthy; my hair fell out, my skin lacked colour, I was exhausted, and I lost myself in the process.”

However, when Florence left uni and started her corporate job, she found herself flirting with baking again and began taking her delicacies into the office… where they proved to be a hit.

She confided: “I found that when I baked or cooked, I was taking better care of myself and ignoring calorie numbers. I quit the gym and started going out more too.

“I could feel a little weight gain but a huge life gain – new friends, new confidence and a new lease and love of life. My relationship with food totally shifted and I grew to love baking even more. I’d grown up with it, but now this became something that felt a real part of my identity.”

[Credit: Tasting Thyme]

Today, Florence has clocked up over 20,000 followers with her daily baking videos that promote ‘self-love through good food and good vibes’.

One click onto her Instagram profile and we guarantee you will fall in love with her insanely fluffy cupcakes, perfectly crumbly cookies, and nostalgically crunchy chocolate cornflakes.

Florence – who has a recipe column with a local newspaper – says she aims to remove any fears people have of the kitchen, whether due to bad food relationships or worry about ability.

She does this with easy-to-follow recipes that are super accessible and don’t require any expensive equipment or high skill. We’re sold!

[Credit: Tasting Thyme]

Florence concluded: “I like to use my social media platforms to share lots of feel-good advice and quotes, reminding us that we don’t have to ‘earn’ our food or work it off.

“There is nothing better than the occasional message from someone letting me know that the page is helping them with their relationship with food.”

She added: “Even if it helps one person a tiny bit, that’s such a wonderful thing.

“Between the media and influencers, there is an overwhelming message relating to diet trends, weight loss, cosmetic surgery and looking a certain way. I want to be an oasis from this storm of comparison and negative self-esteem, and instead provide lots of upbeat messaging, reminding everyone that we have so much to offer beyond looks and that we all have our own beauty.”

For all your sweet tooth inspiration, click here: Tasting Thyme.


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