Charisma Café: The secret haven to hang out with friends at

A one-stop shop to eat, play and learn

Imagine a place free of judgement, where you can meet likeminded people, and relieve all your stresses.

Soon, you won’t have to imagine! As that place is becoming a reality.

The Charisma Café is set to fling open its doors, welcoming folk with a space to eat, socialise, and get creative through art and craft workshops.

[Credit: Yasmin Shorter]

For Edinburgh locals, you’ll be thrilled to hear it’s right on your doorstep, whereas anyone a little further afield may want to consider a staycation in Scotland’s capital.

It’s all thanks to the vision of Yasmin Shorter, an artist who set her sights on an entertainment hub to bring the community together.

Chatting to InspoDaily, Yasmin told us about her dreams of designing a space that will offer people a way to connect that may be absent from their everyday life.

[Credit: Yasmin Shorter]

Yasmin said: “Our aim at The Charisma Café is to bring the community together to start engaging again, and meeting both new friends and old.

“I want it to be a place that you can come along to with friends and play some games, find new friends in group games or art workshops, or perhaps find that much needed motivation to complete a project in a crochet, knitting, card-making or any craft.”

She continued: “I am selling my artwork to help fund the café and people are being so supportive I could cry, every painting sold brings me closer to an open café.

“We are currently looking for the perfect premises that will allow adequate space for the community coming together to share interests and good food.”

[Credit: Yasmin Shorter]

Some of Yasmin’s glorious pictures up for sale include a rainbow coo (highland cow), a guardian angel watching over Edinburgh, and a geometric flamingo.

The café idea came to Yasmin on a trip to America with friends several years ago, as they visited an arcade bar and she was inspired by the table-top and retro games.

Back home, she brainstormed about how to put these influences into practice, then when the pandemic hit, Yasmin knew her time was now or never.

Yasmin said: “During lockdown, community spirit and connection became more and more important, and I felt the need to find a way to unwind and take my mind off of work and everything going on in the world.

“Using platforms such as Zoom, I joined friends to get together and chat whilst working on mini projects in art and craft groups and felt the anxieties just melt away.”

[Credit: Yasmin Shorter]

Recognising the effects that these projects had on her mental health, alongside the motivation from her USA holiday, Yasmin decided to launch her café.  

Now, the demand is clear, and people cannot wait for the red ribbon to be cut.

Yasmin added: “People from all around the world are rooting for me and can’t wait for the café to open up so they can pop along for a cuppa and a chat.”

We, for one, can’t wait either.

To help support Yasmin, click here: The Charisma Café.

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