Conquer your demons once and for all with energy psychology

Discover how to become the best version of YOU

If you’ve ever had therapy, you’ll know that despite the power of speech, it can also feel exhausting.

Now, a new therapy is soaring in popularity, marrying traditional talking techniques with a hands-on approach to really confront the root of the issue.

Enter the magical world of energy psychology.

[Credit: Donna Grant]

Once you tumble down the rabbit hole, you’ll discover the brilliant Donna Grant who not only helps you tackle unhealthy behaviours, emotions, and thoughts, but gets into the nitty-gritty of why they are there in the first place.

She does this with a variety of practices, namely hypnotherapy, EFT (also known as tapping, which helps realign your energy), art therapy, and reiki.

Speaking about her work, Donna said she has made it her life mission and purpose to help people become their best selves and transform into who they deserve to be.

Donna said: “I help to shift negative programming we may have picked up on life’s journey. Our thoughts and beliefs play a huge part in our health and our happiness.”

[Credit: Donna Grant]

She continued: “Our early years programming affects how we view and feel in the world and the role of the subconscious. Even in utero we are forming our belief system, who we are, and how safe we feel in the world.”

This is why it is so crucial to challenge as early as possible, to question unhealthy or negative beliefs that go on to determine how we see ourselves.

Helping to open her clients’ eyes to their full potential, Donna is not afraid to tackle the tough stuff, from stress, trauma, depression, eating habits, and much more.

By looking at the source of the issue, Donna says it is the key to resolution as this is where you can begin to access a shift in perspective and change behaviours.

Consequently, this can lead to some incredible transformations.

[Credit: Donna Grant]

In particular, Donna holds a special place in her heart for hypnotherapy and EFT, two modalities that helped her 12 years ago and kickstarted a pivotal moment in her life when she gained a deeper understanding as to why she was making some really negative choices and how those negative beliefs were materialising in her world.

Donna added: “I use a blend of my skills to create a personalised plan for clients, whose ages range from seven upwards.

“My advice to anyone reading this: find a therapist you like, go for a consultation and then decide. Taking care of you is important, there is only one you.”

To open doors to the new you, click here: Source Health.


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