Girl boss: How to smash it as a female in business and life

Discover tips and tricks to help you excel

He asked me, ‘What’s your favourite position?’ I said, ‘CEO’.

They say that women can have it all­, a top job and a family, yet if you’ve ever worked in a male-dominated environment, doubted your abilities, or struggled to get that foot on the career ladder, it’s all much easier said than done.

Yet a new female-led platform has landed to give you all the girl boss feels.

[Credit: Boss Woman Plus]

The incredible Boss Woman Plus, which launched in February, is a hub of support and hands-on advice that will elevate your business skills from casual to killer.

Founder Patricia Orelaja knows first-hand what it’s like to spin plates at work and in life, as the owner of a busy bridal shop that specialises in size 14 and above dresses.

We caught up with Patricia to uncover the secrets of why she kickstarted her side project and how, most importantly, Boss Woman Plus can help you.

[Credit: Boss Woman Plus]

Patricia said: “I have always wanted to establish a community of women who run their own businesses or aspire to work for themselves.

“Together we are stronger; supporting and encouraging each other is our strength.”

She continued: “We mentorship or coach to those that require it, while also offering a place where women can connect, share and encourage each other on their journey.”

From tips and tricks on how to use Instagram as a business tool, how to confront hurdles that seem unachievable, and motivational quotes galore to keep you inspired, Patricia strives to help people unlock the power that is already within them.

[Credit: Boss Woman Plus]

With her together-we-are-stronger belief, Patricia says the way forward is collectively rather than solo as one woman’s success does not take away another’s.

Patricia said: “We have created a fantastic community of likeminded women growing together, where we advise, educate and support each other.

“This is a space where we also feature female small business owners, as I love to support other women in business.”

She added: “The ‘PLUS’ part of Boss Woman stands for Purpose, Love, Unity and Support because being a boss in business is great, but not enough.

“Bossing your life with your relationships, faith, love etc. is also necessary to achieve a balance and lead a fulfilled, rewarding and happy life.”

[Credit: Boss Woman Plus]

With the community evolving in such a short amount of time, Patricia has set her sights on plans to create more products to help women grow and excel at work, so keep your eyes peeled for even more guidance of darting up the ladder.

For now, as they say… persistence brings success, experience brings knowledge, and hustle brings dollar.

To sink your teeth into free advice, click here: Boss Woman Plus.

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