Killer swimwear made from recycled plastic and fishing nets

When fashion meets sustainability

As vital as sustainability is, being eco-friendly isn’t known for its art of seduction. That is, until Emily May came along to rip up the rulebook.

This designer extraordinaire has managed to marry head-turning fashion and environmentally-friendly ethics to create a luxury, sustainable swimwear brand.

At first glance, the stunning collection of swimsuits, bikinis and bodysuits look to be made from materials such as nylon yet take a peek at the label and you’ll discover the garments are made from something very different ­– ocean plastics and fishing nets.

[Credit: Emily May London]

We caught up with Emily to find out just what motivated her to kickstart a business where she puts our marine life crisis at the heart of everything she does.

Emily said: “Combining my love of travel, the sea and knowledge from my fashion design degree, I’ve learned more about the problems our oceans face today, such as over-fishing, and how detrimental these issues can be if we ignore them.

“My aim is to create truly unique and beautiful swimwear that raises awareness and, most importantly, gives something back. All of the fabric I use is made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets to help clear plastic waste in the oceans.”

On her mission to reduce her carbon footprint, Emily only manufactures locally and always ensure the process is ethical and fair, as well as producing as little waste as possible – starting at production all the way to the final packaging.

[Credit: Emily May London]

She also goes one step further to show her commitment to helping the oceans, by donating 5% of every order to help protect vulnerable whales and dolphins.

The recycled fabric is known as Econyl, which is ultra soft and breathable while also highly durable to wear-and-tear abrasions and oils so that your swimwear will last.

Each piece is designed to be worn ‘from beach to the bar’, with panelling contoured to the body to seriously complement your shape and create the ideal silhouette.

[Credit: Emily May London]

Emily added: “The response so far has been incredibly positive and uplifting.

“Customers love the sustainability aspect and the fact that the garments are so structured and comfortable.”

As well as using her business as a platform to create change, Emily believes that we each need to be responsible for the change we want to see in the world.

She concluded: “My vision is to make people feel empowered and inspired and to create a forward-thinking community that supports a great cause. It’s my passion.”

To get your cossie for your next vacay, click here: Emily May London.

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