Are you forever indecisive? Here’s how to make smarter choices

Join online retreat to spark a brand new you

Should I stay in this relationship? Should I take this job? Should I text this person? Every moment, we are making decisions.

Yet while some seem insignificant, like choosing what to have for breakfast each morning, others have higher stakes around how our future might unfold.

Consequently, we can dilly-dally around decisions in fear of making the wrong one.

[Credit: Cory Muscara]

While this can protect us in the moment, it can wreak havoc on self-esteem, leaving people in a constant state of feeling hesitant and unsettled.

Understanding we need to unpick these behaviours is half the battle, though how do we do it? Well, consider Cory Muscara your knight in decisive armour!

As a former monk, this mindfulness guru has mental clarity down to a tee and can help you shed the layers of self-doubt that are no longer serving you.

Through his workshops and retreats, Cory wipes away the cobwebs so that you can not only find peace within but also in your relationships and the world at large.

[Credit: Cory Muscara]

He is a master of his craft, delivering talks around the world, penning books, and with personal meditations that have been heard over 10million times in 100+ countries.

Inviting you aboard the self-care ship, Cory’s online retreats – the next one taking place across November 12-14 – promise to take you on a wild ride.

Speaking about what participants can expect, Cory said he opens doors for people to live the life they want by listening to their inner voice rather than beliefs or trauma.

[Credit: Cory Muscara]

Cory explained: “It’s an incredibly simple voice, but it’s shrouded in years of conditioning, doubt, outside voices, and cultural ideas.

“In this retreat, we begin the journey of shedding the layers of self that are no longer serving your truest knowing and ask how do we make decisions, how do we know what is most true, how do we live in alignment with the deepest part of us?”

He added: “These are the questions we’ll explore, in service to helping you move toward a more full, authentic, alive, awakened, and joyous expression of yourself.”

In addition to this, Cory deep dives into a variety of other topics, including why following your truth is so difficult but essential; how to train your nervous system for intuitive knowing; how to make decisions from a place of truth rather than conditioning; and how to get in touch with the life you are ‘meant to live’.

Sounds like it’s got our name all over it.

If you’re ready for a profound shift, click here: Cory Muscara.

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