Brighten up your Insta in an instant with mental health artist

Little reminders that you matter

As you scroll online, how much can one image dictate your day?

If you’ve ever felt like you didn’t match up to some of the seemingly perfect pics, then you’ll know a photo can affect more than your day.

Just as the power of these snaps can leave you questioning your worth, it can happen in reverse too, with positive ones helping to elevate self-esteem.

[Caption: WorryWellbeing]

This is exactly what mental health illustrator WorryWellbeing does, with beautiful quotes and mantras to brighten up your timeline and boost your mood all in one go.

With heartfelt notes to anyone struggling, as well as titbits of advice on nurturing mindset, it’s easy to see why Brighton-based artist Ruby has a 100k+ following.

One of her recent posts encourages people to learn how to sit with difficult emotions, rather than squishing them down inside to fester.

[Caption: WorryWellbeing]

Alongside the image, Ruby explained: “A big part of getting better means learning to sit with the feelings, especially the difficult ones.

“When I was unwell, sitting with anxiety, panic, sadness, anger felt impossible. I would do everything I could to avoid those feelings, whether that was through compulsions, reassurance seeking, self-harm, avoidance behaviours.”

She added: “The idea of sitting with uncomfortable emotions can be really difficult. But we can learn to accept them, feel them, and sit with them until they pass.”

[Caption: WorryWellbeing]

In another post, Ruby shines a light on the expectations we place upon ourselves to be constantly productive and how this can be detrimental to our wellbeing.

She said: “There is so much pressure to be constantly productive and like most people, I feel so guilty when I haven’t been ‘productive’.

“We need to let go of the idea that our only purpose is to get things done and tick things off of our to-do lists, because as humans we need balance.

“We need time to rest, to relax, to be with friends and family, to do the things we enjoy. All of these things are productive too.”

[Caption: WorryWellbeing]

Ruby continued: “We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people’s ideas and expectations of what is ‘productive’. You do not exist just to complete endless tasks.

“If you’re feeling guilty or demoralised because you haven’t been all that productive today, then please remember that it’s okay to have these days.

“You can’t change what’s happened today, but you can choose what you do now. You can’t change what’s happened today, but you can get up and try again tomorrow.”

In addition to her illustrations, Ruby also sells uplifting stickers on Etsy with slogans such as ‘you matter’ and ‘you are so needed in this world’ that make the perfect gift.

To brighten up your timeline, click here: Worry Wellbeing.

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