Hush your inner critic: It’s time to silence your negative beliefs

Take control of your mindset

Whether you’re trying on an outfit, have a new task at work, or are scrolling online, we’re all familiar with that devil on our shoulder telling us we’re not good enough.

Maybe your angel on the other side tries to fight, but usually that devil is loud. 

Soon, the devil floods your thoughts and beliefs, leaving you feeling unworthy, cycling through negative thought after negative thought and battling self-doubt daily.

Yet you can become your own devil whisperer and finally silence that harsh inner critic, thanks to the help of wonder woman Kristina Furia.

[Credit: The Subconscious Rewrite]

This wellness extraordinaire is the proud creator of The Subconscious Rewrite, a mini course offering you everything you need to create the life that you deserve.

Promising to make “a big impact, fast”, each lesson is carefully curated to reprogramme your subconscious mind for confidence, success, and, crucially, inner peace.

Better yet, Kristina vows to eliminate “all of the unnecessary fluff” that tends to accompany the self-care movement and get straight to the point so she doesn’t waste your precious time.

[Credit: The Subconscious Rewrite]

By teaching you the exact tools and techniques required to finally let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you back, Kristina says you will finish learning to love every part of yourself.

Speaking about her own journey, Kristina said damaging beliefs used to rule her life and she felt unable to move forward because her mind convinced her she didn’t deserve to.

Despite her work as a psychotherapist and counsellor, she still felt trapped. It was only after discovering the power of quantum physics and neuroscience, that she began to recognise her own abilities and the human capacity to “emerge from limitation to manifest profound transformation”.

Both of these modalities, quantum physics and neuroscience, deep dive into the law of attraction whereby the concept of using energy to envisage a positive scenario in your mental space can translate into energy of that concept materialising in the physical world.

[Credit: The Subconscious Rewrite]

In essence, Kristina learned how to break free from imaginary barriers and self-doubt to finally access her true potential, taming that big devil voice until it gradually got smaller.

Kristina explained: “The thoughts I’d have about myself were cruel and painful.

“Now I know I can do anything. I wake up feeling great about myself. I know I am capable of creating whatever I want in life. I believe I am worthy of all of the opportunities that come my way.”

She added: “And best of all, when I look in the mirror, I love the person staring back at me.”

To fall in love with your reflection, click here: The Subconscious Rewrite. 

[Credit: The Subconscious Rewrite]


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