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Fat positive yoga: Classes that welcome you without judgement

Trans activist provides safe space to feel connected

Whenever you see an ad for a yoga class or a yogi showing off their poses online, the pictures pushed on us are very often of petite bodies with toned muscles.

Seeing this imagery over and over again, perpetuates the idea that you can only participate in the wellbeing practice if you fit a certain cookie-cutter mould.

Yet one body positive champion is determined to rewrite the narrative and show that EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of shape, size and gender.

[Credit: Allé K]

The brilliant Allé K is a queer, transmasculine activist and yoga instructor, providing LGBTQIA+ inclusive, trauma-informed, fat positive classes.

With a busy schedule of in-person sessions (calling all Asheville residents in North Carolina, USA), online workshops, and private one-to-ones, Allé holds space for those looking to heal.

Having turned to yoga himself as a self-care tool, Allé understands its power not only to influence mindset but also the knock-on effect it gifts to other areas of life.

Allé said: “I never meant to become a teacher, I just wanted to learn more about yoga in order to heal. While unemployed and un-housed, I had ample time to practice teaching to friends and realised I enjoyed it. It quickly became a career, in the most beautiful, unforced, natural way.”

[Credit: Allé K]

Two years ago, Allé also began teaching his weekly queer/trans/non-binary yoga class and continued during lockdown when life moved online.

He hails this class as a true gift of healing, not just to his students but to himself, as during this time Allé started his own medical transition with the support of a wonderful community.

Allé says he strives to create classes for those who are usually left out of the traditional yoga spaces, offering a lifeline for people to listen to their body and lead from a trauma-informed lens.

He explained: “My classes are slower-paced, centred around the needs of folks in larger bodies, restorative, calming and joyful in nature.”

[Credit: Allé K]

As well as placing social justice at the heart of his work, Allé’s sessions also promise a sense of community, guided meditations, and deep relaxation.

Allé concluded: “I am passionate about making yoga accessible for folks who are not seen on the covers of yoga magazines and on teacher-training faculty.

“This invitation is for those who have felt not seen and heard in traditional yoga spaces. For those who have been misgendered by fellow students, for people who bind, are recovering from top surgery and who are fat. This is for you if you’re queer, trans and/or questioning.”

To get involved, click here: Allé K.

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