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Come back from the edge: How to turn crisis into your power

Mari Curteanu vows ‘your life will never be the same again’

Tried every self-care strategy under the sun, yet still find yourself struggling?

Then you will very likely be looking for a permanent solution rather than temporary relief.

One woman believes she can deliver this and vows that “your life will never be the same” after she lets you in on her secrets. That’s quite the promise!

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

The reason Mari Curteanu is so sure she can give you a one-way ticket to enlightenment is because she hit rock bottom herself and managed to climb back up.

Back in 2019, her life as a fitness coach crunched to a halt when she was suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumour, undergoing three brain surgeries in just one year.

While this deeply impacted Mari physically, it also became a mental and emotional Everest to hike as everything she knew changed overnight.

Yet rather than let it swallow her whole, she put on her boxing gloves to fight back and developed mind-body connection techniques to not only survive, but thrive.

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

Speaking about her journey, Mari said it has changed her forever, but in a good way.

Mari said: “How do you go from being a fitness coach, fully functional and physically independent to living with a metal plate as part of your skull?

“Not easy, I can tell you that! But not impossible either.”

She continued: “People asked me, how could I still be so positive and happy after such a terrible experience? I guess it has a lot to do with my views of life.

“I believe that nobody is out there to punish me, therefore I am nobody’s victim. That makes it much easier to look ahead in life with an openness and a positive attitude.”

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

Mari now credits the experience of facing death as a lesson that helped awaken these traits even further, gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and choices, and how they can affect life experiences.

She explained: “When I realised I made it through the belly of the dragon, I knew that there was something bigger than just my own story and my own life.

“I’ve learned that at the end of every struggle, there is a great blessing.”

Mari added: “My blessing to be here is also my privilege and calling, to share my gifts and valuable lessons with the world. My biggest life challenge became my mission.”

Now, Mari translates those gifts into teachings with coaching skills via a series of online workshops, designed from experience and mind-body connection disciplines.

[Credit: Mari Curteanu]

As a taster of what to expect, her October sessions offer a three-part series with one episode focusing on mind, one on emotions, and completing the trilogy is body.

There is also an eight-week programme that pledges to “completely enhance your life at all levels of your being”, focusing on reversing negative beliefs; unravelling how thoughts affect body chemistry; and learning to deal with emotions in a healthy way.

While Mari cannot wave a magic wand to banish your problems, her ethos is to empower you to take responsibility so you can ultimately transcend the suffering.

For your second chance, click here: Bodysome.

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