Why stepping outside your front door is nature’s antidepressant

Meet the nature guide helping you find your zen

How often do you allow yourself to sit outside without your phone, laptop or a book? Truly alone, just you and the great outdoors?

If you’re struggling to remember the last time, it sounds like you might need to get Mother Nature on speed dial.

With her power to send anxiety and depression plummeting, not to mention the positive impact this then has on the nervous system , having a little one-on-one with the scenery on your doorstep is a guaranteed mental health boost.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Yet with busy lives, demanding jobs, and side hustles, it can be tricky to feel inspired or find a spare half hour to make it happen.

This is where earth pixie Catherine Mason swoops in, like a Mother Nature disciple, to spur you on into reconnecting with the natural world.

Speaking about her love of the open air, Catherine said she has been fascinated by the natural world as long as she can remember and shares this passion with others.

Catherine said: “Nature is beautiful, miraculous, literally life-sustaining.

“I truly believe that our growing disconnection from the Earth (and with it from each other, and our own souls) is at the root of almost all of the world’s problems.”

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Catherine continued: “The results of this can be seen all around, in rising levels of stress and anxiety, a growing dependence on screens and technology, increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, and lack of connection with our fellow humans.

“I am on a mission to help women rebuild that vital connection with the natural world around us, to restore the nature-connectedness that is our birthright.”

On her quest, Catherine helps to open eyes to the beauty in our every day through a series of platforms, including newsletters, guides and rewilding programmes.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

In amongst the goodies, there is a free e-book with 10 simple ways you can use the natural world to improve wellbeing and an online community to connect with.

You’ll also want to head on over to her Instagram page to brighten up your timelines with glorious pictures of the ocean and wildlife alongside trees and flowers galore.

Catherine’s latest offering is from a trip to Weymouth beach in Dorset, with the sun bursting through the clouds and the sea glistening like glitter.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

Sharing the beautiful image, that will remind you just how majestic the UK can be, Catherine said that being by the water is the perfect opportunity to clear your mind.

Catherine wrote: “Grateful to have dipped my toes in the sea this week, even if I didn’t manage a swim. The water had such a calming energy on this beautiful morning with the sun breaking through the grey clouds and the air still and quiet.

“Spending time near water is a great way to clear emotional blocks or stop feeling stuck. If you can’t get to the sea, lake or river, try a bath with your favourite candle or essential oil, or an invigorating shower.”

To kickstart your Mother Nature reunion, click here: Catherine Mason.

[Credit: Catherine Mason]

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