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Selfless heroes gift free surgery to people in need of healthcare

Meet the dream team at Med 4 Our World

Us Brits have always treasured our NHS, yet many places are not as fortunate, having to pay for healthcare even when doctor bills skyrocket and there isn’t a pay cheque to match.

This is why the Med 4 Our World programme is quite literally the stuff of dreams, offering medical services to those who struggle to make ends meet financially.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

Their incredible vision has become a reality in underdeveloped countries, with 200+ surgeries gifted free of charge – equivalent to $5,000,000 (£3.7m) of surgical care.

The life-saving mission began when two women, Dr Christine Brody and humanitarian Valishia Chapman, decided to help people outside their native USA.

Using Brody’s expertise from her field of obstetrics and gynaecology, and Valishia’s knowledge from a previous trip to an orphanage in Nicaragua, they joined forces.

It was their desire to not only help the orphaned children but the entire community that spurred the first medical mission to the El Samaritano Clinic in 2010.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

From there, the powerhouse duo evolved and returned with a larger diverse team to attend to the various needs of the orphanage and the local community.

Now, Med 4 Our World has expanded its surgical mission trips to Fiji, including a hospital renovation team, with each trip seeing volunteer physicians, nurses, medical and non-medical people collaborate to help those with limited access to healthcare.

Not only do they travel to carry out a variety of surgeries – from hysterectomies to the removal of ovarian cysts to c-sections – they also take state-of-the-art modern medicine to people who otherwise have little or no access to OB/GYN services.

[Credit: Med 4 Our World]

If you think their work is done, think again.

There are plans for a new voyage, this time to Africa where they will provide surgical care and a maternity programme in a village outside Ingana, Uganda.

When you consider the huge fees doctors can charge in America, that the team are waiving in lieu of their philanthropic work, it truly does restore faith in humanity.

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  1. Hi Nadia. I just saw this article you wrote about us. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed it. How did you come to know about us?
    Kind regards,
    Christine Brody MD
    Cofounder Med4OurWorld


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