Wellbeing made easy: How to nourish your body and live without stress

You really are what you eat

If you could gulp a bottle of stress-free drink that would allow you to live anxiety-free forever, it’s safe to say many of us would jump at the chance.

While that might sound like a scene from Alice in Wonderland, it can actually be a reality.

Your wellbeing alchemist Danielle Zies is the mixology master, creating potions and mouthwatering recipes to nourish you from inside out so that you can walk a little lighter.

As the proud founder of Simply Nourished, Danielle strives to show how nutrition and health are linked by exploring the foods we eat and their impact on stress, digestive issues, and fatigue.

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

We caught up with Danielle to find out exactly what it is she can offer people and why she feels compelled to help others on their journey to wellness.

Danielle said: “After experiencing my own stress-related hormonal and digestive issues, I ventured out on my healing journey in search of answers and a solution.

“I quickly discovered the power of simple nutrition tweaks which led me to nutrition school, hungry to learn more.”

She continued: “From there, I really started to see how deeply and vastly stress affects our lives, our health and our day-to-day joy and wellness.”

[Credit: Simply Nourished]

When the body is constantly under stress, while it can feel like a mental health issue, it has devastating consequences on physical health too.

Notably, when our built-in stress response is activated, we begin firing off stress hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) to help the body hyper-perform should it find itself in danger.

Very often, we are not in danger though, and the response is activated over daily interactions such as never-ending emails, a rude motorist, or a negative interaction with a shopkeeper.

When those stress hormones are swirling around our body, it can wreak havoc on our immune system and affect us physiologically before leading to burnout, or worse, illness.

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

Danielle, who is also a reiki practitioner and NLP (neurolinguistic programming) coach, works with people to undo this stress by using the power of nutrition to create healthy habits and thoughts.

Better yet, she doesn’t believe in the jargon that often comes with the wellness industry and says she is “obsessed” with making things feel easy and doable for clients.

Danielle said: “My aim is to cut through all the noise, complexity and overwhelm that one can feel trying to figure things out on their own. When it comes to hormonal imbalances and burnout, people are already tired, and they’re already overwhelmed.

“I help them pinpoint where their precious energy can be best spent so they can get the biggest bang for their buck in terms of maximising results.”

She added: “Ultimately, I hope to help find a solution to symptoms, while also teaching people how to live a more aligned life that supports them and keeps them feeling good.”

[Credit: Danielle Zies]

True to her word, while symptoms can often be vast and complex, Danielle shows people how to transform by addressing just a few key areas that can trigger a better work-life balance.

Danielle is also a big believer in the correlation between feeling physically confident and the trickle-down effect this has into every area of our life, such as our relationships or career.

With an eclectic offering of one-on-one coaching, an ‘eat for energy’ recipe book, 30-day gut reset, podcast, and training session to beat burnout, there really is something for everyone.

Danielle concluded: “I want to help my clients feel in their power again and radiate vibrant energy and confidence in all that they do.

“I want to them to feel like they do have control and that they have everything they need to create their dream body and life for themselves.”

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to stress, click here: Simply Nourished.


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