Love food but hate waste? It’s time to open your virtual fridge

Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring

We’ve all done it, left something in the back of the fridge that we’ve forgotten to eat, not been bothered to cook, or overestimated how long it will last.

Then when you inevitably have to chuck it, you waste food and money too.

They say old habits die hard, but now you can do a total 180 by opening your virtual fridge.

[Credit: afoodible]

This quirky tool comes in the guise of the afoodible app, designed to reduce food waste and save you cash by planning, tracking, creating and sharing the goodies you have at home.

The planning stage helps you with your weekly shop, allowing you to add ingredients from your favourite recipes into your basket so you know what to pop in the trolley while cruising the aisles.

Meanwhile, the tracking guide reminds you of all the food you have at home without having to start taking everything off the shelves or outside the veg drawers to investigate.  

[Credit: afoodible]

Next up, the create section invites you to unleash your inner Nigella or Gordon to whip up new meals or old classics with over 250k recipes at your fingertips.

Last but not least, there is the share option, where you can swap your own recipes with the world and inspire fellow foodies to put their apron on and cook up a storm.

Speaking about their call-to-arms, the afoodible squad say they strive to make it as easy as possible for users to waste less and save more.

[Credit: afoodible]

In their mission statement, the team state: “We’re all guilty of buying too much food now again and having to throw it away. We don’t want you to have to race through all that spinach and kale you bought on that ‘health kick’ but we do want to help you waste less.

“Whether that’s by helping you plan, track, create, or share your food, we’re here to help.”

They added: “Sustainability doesn’t have to be boring and helping the environment shouldn’t be costly, in fact, we can help you save money along the way.”

Might be time to dust down those cookbooks you were gifted last Christmas.

To get involved, click here: afoodible.

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