Transform your life by learning how to change subconscious thoughts

Dr Erin Haskell has got your back

The pros say you can become a better version of yourself by hitting the gym, eating the right food, and getting a good amount of sleep each night.

Though if you’re carrying around past traumas, no matter how many hours on the treadmill, number of tomatoes you nosh, or hours you snooze, can wipe them away.

Instead, the secret lies in reprogramming your subconscious so that your thoughts and beliefs can begin to transform your personal and professional life rather than hold you back.

And spiritual powerhouse Dr Erin Haskell is here to help you!

[Credit: Dr Erin Haskell]

While on paper, her CV is an impressive recipe of best-selling author accolades and self-made millionaire triumphs, her life wasn’t always so rosy.

Tragically, Dr Erin was just 22 when she delivered her full-term stillborn baby.

Reflecting on her journey, Dr Erin explained: “I was spiritually broke which sent me on an intense journey of seeking truth, birthing my purpose, and discovering a life beyond my wildest dreams.

“Tears were streaming down my face as I looked at his beautiful body and realised his body was still there, but he wasn’t. I realised he wasn’t his body, he is a spiritual being.”

She continued: “One can conceptually understand that we are not these bodies, but I got it on an entirely different level, my entire world crumbled, delivering me to spiritual revelation.”

[Credit: Dr Erin Haskell]

Today, that revelation has led her to be financially, emotionally, and spiritually free, with the self-titled ‘doctor of divinity’ sharing her tips so that you too can turn your wounds into wisdom.

Dr Erin does this through her New Thought Coaching programme, helping people on their route to happiness and fulfilment in not just knowing their truth, but living their truth.

The course teaches a variety of theories ­– from metaphysics of mind to spiritual psychology – and helps you become a certified coach should you wish to become a practitioner too.

There is also dedicated time to work through proven marketing skills and sales systems in the wellbeing industry to make your business a success.

[Credit: Dr Erin Haskell]

Dr Erin said: “This is for you if you’ve had a spiritual calling and desire to make an impact in the world; you question the meaning of life, seeking truth and wisdom; you feel lonely at times, struggling to find your tribe; or you often doubt yourself, longing to find self-confidence.”

Not shy of a challenge, Dr Erin hopes her mission will awaken 1billion people globally, showing that we heal and empower as humans when we expand our consciousness.

As they say, strength in numbers!

To join the party, click here: New Thought Coaching.


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