Why your untrained mind is the enemy – and how you can modify it

Embark on a mind makeover

We know that quitting smoking, excessive gaming, or overeating all require changing unhealthy habits to create space for healthier ones.

The exact same applies for negative thoughts, self-doubt, and low self-esteem, in that only by modifying these patterns can we welcome new ways of thinking.

Habit-busting don Joep van Ool holds the key as to how you can do this, vowing to break bad habits and build good ones that last.

As the proud founder of The Mind Modifier, he offers you the chance to become the best version of you by digging deep to find your purpose.

[Credit: The Mind Modifier]

Tapping into a variety of modalities – including psychology, philosophy, and spirituality – he can open eyes to your full potential and lead you down a path of transformation.

We caught up with Joep to find out a little more about his personal journey and what led him to helping others embark on a mind makeover.

Joep said: “I want people to realise that there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Everything worth having requires some form of effort. I want people to lose that ‘need to win fast’ attitude. It will only keep them trapped in a boring and unfulfilling life.

“If you want something, you have to focus on the basics. This also means that getting what you want is not nearly as hard as most people make it out to be. It’ll take a while, yes, and it will take effort, for sure, but there’s no other way to getting what you want out of life.”

He continued: “Know what you want, know how to go after it, be consistent, and see your life change. That’s what I want to help people achieve, feel, and experience.”

[Credit: The Mind Modifier]

Joep tackled his own poor habits while studying and it was mandatory in one of his classes to read a book of his choosing.

Having selected Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he soon developed a thirst for books and began reading more to embrace his self-improvement odyssey.

Joep explained: “I had a lot of trouble getting into good habits. Making reading a steady habit took a while, and getting into a steady exercise rhythm took a few years.

“The turning point came at the start of the pandemic as I was sick of not being able to make exercise a habit. I wasn’t confident in the body I had, and it showed in everything I did.”

Yet through his new love of reading, meditating, and writing, Joep began to evolve and discovered he was able to use these techniques to create better habits.

Finally, he was able to get into a rhythm from doing an occasional workout to exercising six days a week and he started to see results which only triggered more healthy habits.

[Credit: The Mind Modifier]

Joep said: “All of these practices helped me to gain control of my mind. With ‘gaining control over my mind’, I mean getting rid of limiting beliefs, identifying recurring thought patterns, becoming mentally organised, and cultivating an internal sense of calm and peace.

“My aim is to help others how I helped myself. I want others to pursue their purpose and help them create one if they don’t have one yet by gaining more control over their minds.”

He added: “I can help them build good habits as a foundation for growth and, ultimately, lead people to live a life that’s worth living.

The mind guru, who has written two e-books and is now curating a 1-on-1 coaching package, says he believes that living a life you’ve always dreamt of comes by focusing on the internal.

Joep concluded: “My message is to help others modify their mind so they can become free of the enemy that is an untrained mind and create a mental alliance in the process.”

To kickstart a mental alliance with your mind, click here: Break & Build.


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