Do your bit to save our planet: Join this treetastic movement!

Protect our trees from extinction

Once upon a time, a woman from England travelled to what is now Tanzania, Africa and ventured into a world of wild chimpanzees.

She lived beside these fascinating creatures, observing them with little more than a notebook and binoculars to discover more about humankind’s closest living relatives.

While this might sound like a synopsis for a Disney movie, this is in fact exactly what happened to Jane Goodall, then 26, in 1960.

Since then, the trailblazing activist has continued to dedicate her life to protecting chimps from extinction and also explore the need for humans to look after our environment.

[Credit: Trees for Jane]

Today, she travels the world speaking about the threats facing wildlife and heads-up her international Trees for Jane campaign to protect and restore the world’s trees.

Through this venture, she shines a light on our rapidly shrinking forests and how this intensifies climate change, which affects weather patterns and poses great risk of floodings and droughts.

The initiative’s primary goal is to put an end to deforestation and educate people to understand that it is part of the solution to the climate crisis.

The reason for this is that forests remove carbon from the atmosphere – which is released via energy production such as burning coal, oil, or natural gas – and affects our climate.

Yet forests face a bleak future, not only through natural devastation of forest fires, but they are also deliberately cut down to create land used for producing beef, palm oil, soy, or paper.

[Credit: Trees for Jane]

Trees for Jane raises funds to protect forests from demolition by uniting local organisations, communities, and indigenous leaders to work collectively to help save the planet.

Speaking about their mission, Jane’s team said they strive to help everyone to support forest protection and inspire individuals to plant and care for their own trees.

They said: “Throughout her lifetime, Jane has continuously held herself to the highest standards of care and integrity in her work.

“Following her lead, Trees for Jane is dedicated to doing the same. When you donate, we strive to send your contribution where it is most needed and where it will do the most good.”

[Credit: Trees for Jane]

The crew added: “The best outcomes happen when people and the planet thrive together.”

With big dreams like Jane’s also come big ambitions to reach everyone on earth, regardless of age, and this is why she connects with young people through her Roots & Shoots programme.

This project focuses on empowering young people to affect positive change in their communities, so they learn how to use their voice and build a better tomorrow.

For more info, click here: Trees for Jane.

[Credit: Trees for Jane]

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