Worry about what you eat? Transform your relationship with food now

Put an end to those feelings of guilt and shame

Even in a world where we champion body positivity, it can be hard to resist the beauty paradigms that have been forced upon us since birth.

Still on adverts, runways, and reality shows, we see Barbie and Ken silhouettes that leave us questioning why we don’t look like that and are a major blow to confidence.

Consequently, the ‘simple’ act of eating when we’re hungry and stopping when we’re full becomes complicated and much more of an emotional task or one about control.

Yet after a lifetime of dabbling with diets and giving food moral value of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’, is it too late to undo these habits and live a life where food is friend not foe?

No! Says foodie guru Uxshely Carcamo. It is NOT too late.

[Credit: The Food Therapy Clinic]

Galvanised by her own journey with unhealthy eating habits and recognising that changing them was as much as about having information on good nutrition as it was about modifying how she thought about food, Uxshely now helps others on their path to self-improvement.

Under the umbrella of The Food Therapy Clinic, she has created a platform to support people to rebuild their relationship with food and lead them towards living a better life.

Uxshely said: “Just like any other relationship in our life, our relationship with food can become dysfunctional. We help people build a relationship with food that serves them.”

The Food Therapy Clinic team support individuals who have been stuck in the cycle of dieting and overeating for years; struggle with eating disorders; or those who have anxieties around food and have developed conditions such as orthorexia [an obsession with healthy eating]. 

[Credit: The Food Therapy Clinic]

By offering a unique interdisciplinary treatment, people are able to access help without being sent to multiple different experts.

This is a subject close to Uxshely’s heart having seen lots of professionals when her nutritionists couldn’t support her mental health and the psychotherapists didn’t understand about nutrition. 

Uxshely explained: “I really wanted to offer a service where an individual could see just one person to heal their relationship with food.

“I did a lot of research to heal my own relationship with food and I learned that once you change your thoughts and mindset, it becomes so much easier to then change your external behaviours.”

She added: “We appreciate that to truly resolve issues long-term, it requires looking at someone’s relationship with food from a range of different angles.

“When people work with us, yes, they will resolve their issues around food, but they will also often build their confidence and self-esteem too, which improves their personal and professional life, sleeping habits and general lifestyle with a sense of hope and freedom.”

[Credit: The Food Therapy Clinic]

Having previously worked as a lawyer, Uxshely quit the corporate world to train as a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, mindfulness teacher and NLP coach

Now, her interdisciplinary method – offered online and in-person – helps individuals from all over the world overhaul how they see food and learn to enjoy it again.

Uxshely believes that by repairing this broken relationship with food has a huge knock-on effect in all aspects of life and how we can grow.

She concluded: “A lot of people tell me that thoughts about food and their body take up so much of their time and their mental space, my aim is to help them effortlessly be able to make the choices around food that are most helpful for them by building these as habits. 

“It can then free up lots of mental space to focus on other things and to get on with enjoying life.”

Sounds like the perfect remedy to avoid feelings of guilt or shame when lots of food will be kicking around at looming Christmas parties.

To find out more, click here: The Food Therapy Clinic.


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