Meet the real-life mermaid saving our majestic seas from toxic plastic

Kate Nelson reveals how you too can go plastic-free

Buying a bottle of water for the bus, sipping from a straw in a pub, nabbing a carrier bag from the shop for your crisps and dip…. We’re all guilty of being plastic fiends.

Yet one ‘plastic mermaid’ has quit plastics entirely on a mission to save our oceans.

Now, she is educating others on how to do the same and prove a plastic-free life is possible.  

Not only is it possible, it is also sustainable, with Kate Nelson having kickstarted her mission a decade ago and still going strong as plasticless queen bee.

[Credit: Plastic-Free Mermaid]

Speaking about her incredible triumph, Kate said: “I started small, stopping the use of plastic bags and water bottles, refusing straws, and carrying a reusable cup for takeaway coffee.

“But unhappy with how much plastic I still handled in day-to-day life, I knew I had to do more. It took years, but I developed effective strategies that others can easily adopt.”

Kate says a good place to start is to sift through your rubbish created over a two-week period, as it will reveal a lot about your lifestyle.

Next, make a list of what is in the trash and reflect on what could be skipped or done differently, you will be amazed at the improved choices you can make for the planet and your health.

[Credit: Plastic-Free Mermaid]

The reason plastic is such a huge issue is because it does not decompose, meaning when it ends up in the ocean rather than disappearing it breaks down into micro particles and threatens sea creatures – either when they become tangled in it or mistake it for food and swallow it.

Just one straw that you suck a beverage from in five minutes lasts 1,000 years at sea, all the while getting lodged in turtle noses, choking dolphins, and creating other horrendous acts.

Kate strives to shine a light on the power within humanity to change this, simply by making small changes to the way we cook, clean, shop, and live.

The proud author of I Quit Plastics, here she offers an introductory guide to environmental ethics while helping you create useful strategies and tactics to quit plastics for good.

[Credit: Plastic-Free Mermaid]

Kate explained: “It was not easy. Becoming aware of the tonnes of plastic in my life was a massive wake-up call. I was contributing to the garbage dump in the precious sea that I loved so much. It has taken me years. It has been a humbling journey full of learning.

“Now, I know my farmers, I tend a garden, I eat fresh, I am healthy, I feel good. My life is more connected to nature than ever. I live simply. I live consciously. I live sustainably.”

In addition to sharing knowledge through her book, Kate offers a range of courses including a seven-day programme bursting with holistic practices, such as yoga and meditation.

She describes the experience as an “awakening” to the mind-body connection, in which you will encounter adventures to enhance your relationship with the world around you – from snorkelling to discover marine life to seeing the lush rainforests that feed us fresh oxygen.

Remember, there is no planet B – do something drastic, quit the plastic.

To kickstart your journey, click here: Plastic-Free Mermaid.

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