Perfect stocking fillers: High-energy stones that can help you heal

Crystal medicine helps facilitate spiritual growth

Perhaps you wear a ring with your birthstone in it or have picked up a glistening souvenir on the beach to bring home from your last holiday.

The force of these stones goes more than beauty deep though and they are said to hold powerful healing properties to help you live a life of serenity.

While each crystal is characterised by its own abilities – such as onyx providing strength and rose quartz bringing harmony – they are all thought to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the mind and body of negativity for physical and emotional benefits.

To delve a little deeper into the magic, we caught up with crystal king Cam Allen to hear about his journey with the exquisite stones he provides for people on their healing path.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Cam said: “After 10+ years in the tech industry and working in ‘Corporate America’, I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied and disillusioned with my career.

“There was nothing about what I was doing that spoke to my soul, that aligned with my spiritual beliefs, or my way of thinking. I no longer felt I was helping people individually and I did not feel like I was doing anything to assist humanity as a whole and carry us forward.”

He continued: “One day, after agonising over the decision for about two weeks, I decided to quit my job. I could not do it for another day as it was literally sucking my soul out of me.”

Despite a huge fear of leaving, coupled with no idea where his next mortgage payment would come from, Cam put his trust in the universe and within a week had started his business, Sage of Stones.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Here, he established a platform to help people use crystal medicine for their spiritual growth.

Cam explained: “My mission is to offer people an alternative to healing on all levels outside of mainstream medical and psychological modalities that rarely look to treat the root of the problem, but instead focus on covering up the symptoms.

“Crystals, with virtually unlimited metaphysical properties, are the perfect medicine even if complementary to assist with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and trauma.”

Although Cam’s wizardry does not stop there, he also hopes to show humanity how we are innately connected and that the wisdom of crystals can help us achieve such a world.

[Credit: Sage of Stones]

Cam added: “We live in a world where most of us are slaves to a system that in so many ways is designed to keep us in debt and to keep us surviving pay cheque to pay cheque.

“My aim is for a healed planet where people are in tune with nature, with the elements, and are consciously aware that we are one with every person and everything around us.”

As well as empowering people to follow their dreams, Cam hopes his crystals can make individuals feel less alone and separate from each other too.

He concluded: “I want everyone to know love, unity, peace, abundance and bliss.”

For the perfect stocking fillers, click here: Sage of Stones.

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