Breathtaking moment giant whale says hello to human in the sea

Watch the incredible video below

When you hit the ocean, it’s not always as majestic as in the movies and you’ll likely spot a yelping seagull or a floating Tesco carrier bag.

So, one individual got the surprise of their life when a whale came to say hi.

The stunning footage was caught on camera, in which you can see the marine mammal swim over and give a little nudge to the person’s kayak.

Shot by photographer Maxi Jonas, he couldn’t believe his luck when the action unfolded beneath a drone he was flying off the coast of Puerto Madryn in Argentina.

Sharing the footage on Twitter, before it swiftly went viral with millions of views, Maxi wrote: “I think today I made the best whale drone video of my life.”

During the rare moment, the whale can be seen affectionately pushing the kayak before observing how it moves and then playfully swimming below it.

[Credit: Maxi Jonas]

The creature is said to be a southern right whale, part of a species where the lifespan can stretch to over 100-years-old.

Southern right whales are also known for being incredibly curious and friendly, both to humans and other sea life such as humpback whales and dolphins.

Their ultra-thick blubber makes it impossible for them to enter tropical seas as they cannot dissipate heat fast enough, meaning if you want to capture one for The Gram, head for cold waters.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

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