Did you know you can improve health with a single handful of food?

Fascinating facts to boost your wellbeing

While the idea of getting fit and healthy seems appealing, the ongoing commitment to it can feel arduous and get in the way of fun.

Yet just a single handful of food has the power to influence your wellbeing, meaning that results are instantaneous and can give you the drive to continue long-term.

If you’re ready to take the first step on the ladder, head on over to Instagram for a large dollop of Healthy Buzz Feed.

This wellness mecca vows to offer the ‘secrets of longevity’ by sharing bitesize facts on how to eat well, stay hydrated, and ultimately, achieve a longer life.

[Credit: Healthy Buzz Feed]

As well as revealing quirky food facts about how to maintain health, there are titbits of information on how to manage periods, boost sleep patterns, and even improve teeth.

In addition to this, there is advice on what fruit and veggies to consume together, for example, tomatoes are the perfect marriage with avocados thanks to their monounsaturated fat that make the cancer-fighting lycopene in tommies four times more powerful.

Similarly, a super tip for the sweet-toothed, is the love affair between apples and chocolate – all thanks to an anti-inflammatory crucial to heart health found in apples, that when eaten with the powerful antioxidants of dark chocolate, can fight blood clots and reduce risk of heart disease.

[Credit: Healthy Buzz Feed]

Other fascinating facts include three carrots giving enough energy to walk three miles; melon being a natural anxiety reliever; and just four Brazil nuts can improve cholesterol immediately.

Snacks aside, even the simple act of drying yourself with an exfoliating brush has its perks as it can detoxify your body by increasing blood circulation while also stimulating your nervous system.

If these findings tickle your pickle, then head on over to @HealthyBuzzFeed and fill your boots with even more guidance on anti-cancer superfoods, gut health advice and food medicine ideas.

[Credit: Healthy Buzz Feed]


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