Magical rocks: New discovery points to life form outside of humankind

Ancient artefacts hold mystery of our past

In a time long before technology, our ancestors did not have social media to document their every move.

Instead, we must rely on oral history, deciphering hieroglyphics, and analysing artefacts that offer evidence about how early humans made things and how they lived.

However, while archaeological findings have previously helped us jigsaw together how humanity evolved over time, a new discovery has been unearthed to question everything.

A collection of incredible rocks unlike anything we have seen before is casting doubt on who created the first tools used by an intelligent species and when.

[Credit: Samarah Wood]

The rocks, located across Australia, are not only different in aesthetic to previous tools but it is evident they were created differently too in a time when technology was of a high order.

We caught up with archaeological guru Steven Strong to find out more about the significance of these rocks and what they can tell us about the past or indeed the future.

Steven said: “On these rocks we see hundreds of perfectly straight lines, stunning geometry, lines that have been cut not chiselled, a thin veneer of melted rock always uniformly of the same thickness applied onto a lighter-coloured base rock, infills and overlays of exotic rock grains attached or inserted, base rocks of the hardest material cut to make totally level faces to engrave upon, needled holes, lacquered and polished rocks, and so it continues.

“Every rock is unique, and every symbol, pattern or motif is not repeated in this ensemble, and nor can anyone find a like-for-like match in any rock collection in this country.”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Steven continued: “So too, the markings and patterns made are not like any tribal design known. They come from a time when technology of a high order was used, then deemed harmful to the land and Guardian Spirits and discarded, forever.

“Of course, that all changed when the British Invasion Fleet dropped anchors in 1788.”

Steven and his son Evan are world-renowned experts in their field, dedicating their lives to answering the questions of whether humankind is alone on this universe.

Using their expertise, they look upon ancient evidence to showcase our lineage and how alien ancestry has influenced the modern world.

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

However, despite their thirst for all things archaeological, Steven admitted that he did not always have an interest in rocks or geology and his marks at school reflected this.

Steven confessed: “To begin with, I had no knowledge of rocks like these, it was only when at the Kariong Glyphs – an area in Oz known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs – that it changed.”

While exploring with fellow scholar Michael Tellinger, their colleague Ros Mulder contacted them and sent photos of a rock she had found with an unusual marking onsite.

They immediately agreed to meet Ros at the car park, where they discovered her rock was much better than the pictures.

Steven continued: “We agreed that this rock was a technological enigma and totally unique.

“That was the same response the Smithsonian offered when sighting a photograph of the rock sent by a Professor in Geology who advises us. But was it unique, could there be more out there?”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Steven and his team soon had 200 rocks in their ensemble, either bought through auctions or gifted to them by people who had found them all over the country.

Virtually the entire collection was made without a stick, stone or bone toolkit, nor with the assistance of an open fire as previously required by other ancestors to make tools.

Instead, the equipment required would have been no less than metal blades and thousands of degrees Celsius to create what Steven and his crew were witnessing.

But where did these captivating tools originate?

Steven explained that for over 95% of the rocks, the original location is never given. However, they do know that what Ros found is not sandstone (despite 50km in every direction it is solely sandstone country), and therefore can determine it never came from the place it was found.

“It may sound odd,” said Steven, “when the repatriation of artefacts is always the highest priority, but in one respect that is a blessing. As my Ramindjeri Elder, Karno Walker, stated often, these rocks are incredibly ancient and come from a time when we ‘had more genes’.”

[Credit: Our Alien Ancestry]

Now, more than half the rocks are in south Australia waiting on the completion of an original keeping place, something that Steven and Evan are continuing to explore.

Once all the buildings, security and landscaping are complete, the rocks will be set into a sacred figure-eight formation with a promise on offer.

Steven concluded: “These are the same rocks set into formation at Uluru on December 21, 2020, and will pass on that energy plus gift their insights and blessings to any who are ready.

“In these turbulent and divisive times with a seminal acceleration in earthly vibrations reoccurring as the days pass, for any soul who has dived into ‘the fast-flowing river’ and the Hopi prophecies of our elders, the rocks will enlighten, motivate and inspire.”

To delve deeper into what these rocks signify, Steven and Evan will place the rocks in formation and film them for 45 minutes in their next online conference to uncover more mysteries.

To grab your tickets, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.


  1. I was shocked to see this article as I recently found a curiously baffling rock where I live in New Mexico. It is smallish but almost identical and even more fantastically curious than the one pictured center above. I felt the rock communicating with me and indeed it offered gifts, told me it was placed for me to find and even reminded me the day before it had told me a rock was waiting for me to find. Bizarre


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