Hip vintage shop booms online with powerful ethos at its heart

Shining a light on slow fashion

Sure, it’s nice to get dolled up in something new for a night out.

Yet our insatiable appetite for fast fashion is literally killing our planet.

The reason being that cheap materials like polyester are used and when clothes are washed they shed microfibres containing plastics which end up in our seas.

These microfibres are ingested by marine life, which can be fatal. The microfibres are also eaten by tiny creatures, such as plankton, which is a food source for larger animals, meaning even those that avoid ingesting toxins directly will do so anyway as it makes its way up the food chain.

[Credit: Hip Store]

Though in a David and Goliath battle, slow fashion is starting to make waves in the industry.

One champion of the movement is Jack O’Reilly, founder of Hip Store. With a focus on vintage and reworked streetwear, Jack is on a mission to push ethical shopping into the spotlight.

We caught up with Jack to find out more about his journey and why he believes sustainable consumers are set to be the new normal.

[Credit: Hip Store]

Jack said: “We aim to source the most eco-friendly products to make a difference to our wonderful world, offering affordable, quality products that are sustainable and stunning.

“You can also get high-end brands at a fraction of the price. We can never have enough of nature, so why not help our environment and look good at the same time?”

He continued: “Having seen the devastating effects of the conventional clothing industry, it is clear we need a positive alternative. This industry is the second largest pollutant in the world and working conditions are infamous, both in the cotton fields and at the factories.”

Aware that his impact is small in the bigger picture, Jack is a big believer that it all makes a difference and we all have a responsibility collectively to create change.

[Credit: Jack O’Reilly]

At HipStore, their slow fashion ethos means they sell products that are made to last so they won’t be fraying at the seams after a few wears.

Where possible, their products are also made from organic and recycled materials, meaning the health of the planet really is put at the heart of everything they do.

Having started HipStore during the pandemic, Jack said he is both amazed and relieved to see that what he is doing is resonating with people.

[Credit: Hip Store]

He concluded: “I started selling a few vintage items on Depop over lockdown and this has now expanded into our own website, as well as selling on Etsy, eBay, Grailed and ASOS marketplace.

“We believe that eventually we shall realise that if we destroy the ecosystem we will destroy ourselves. So why not help our environment and look good at the same time.”

After all the ‘Earth’ without ‘art’ is ‘eh’.

To check out his collection, click here: Hip Store.

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